Tavik František Šimon


An extraordinary artist and without any doubt he is one of the greatest. 
imon's artistic work has always been very popular and in high demand.
 He painted several masterpieces and created more than 600 graphic artworks of high quality. 
We like to share our admiration for the artist with you,
therefore we made this website and hope you will enjoy your time.

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Encyclopédie Larousse (France):
"Tavik Frantisek Simon (1877-1942) is one of the most important artists of
Czechia of the first half of the 20th century".


Most expensive (Šimon) sale Dec. 2019
at auctionhouse Kodl in Prague.

New York at night
Oil on canvas, 103 x 65 cm.
Sold: 950.000 CZK (36.538 euro) (+ 20% commission).


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. Seznam Grafických Prací T.F. Šimona
Original Catalogue Raisonné
by Arthur Novak + Appendix of Šimon 's prints in Czech



. Catalogue Raisonné
by A. Novak (Terezín 1876- Prague 1957) + Appendix of Šimon 's prints in English


3. Pictures of  Graphics by Šimon in miniature on one page
4. Pictures of Graphics by Šimon on one page with big images

Part 1 1898-1911
Part 2 1912-1925
Part 3 1926-1942

5. Oilpaintings and Drawings by Šimon with
big images
Oil paintings1898-1925
Oil paintings 1926-1942
Drawings -1898-1942

6. Oilpaintings by Šimon in miniature on one page

7. Monotypes by Šimon

8. Voyage around
the World



9. Sketchbooks by Šimon
1901, 1902 (+letter), 1905, 1908, 1910-1913, 1913/14, 1914, 1915/18, 1917


10. Ex-libris

11. Biography


12. Short-biography of Šimon in Dutch.
Šimon in Holland
13. Short-biography of Šimon in German

14. Short-biography of Šimon in French
15. Photos, letters, newspaper-articles and postcards.
16.Železnice. Native town of Šimon.

17. Short biography of Šimon in Spanish.
18.  Šimon`s friend Štefánik

19. Portraits


 19. Šimon's Signatures
21. Šimon's teacher Max Pirner
22. Student of Pirner, the artist Josef Jelínek  
23. Šimon 's closest friend, the great artist  Hugo Boettinger
24. Another giant of the Czech artist: Max Švabinsky
25. Pavel Šimon, the artistic son of T.F. Šimon.
26. Šimon`s student the artist  Cyril Bouda
27. Emil Holarek How do the locations of Šimon's graphics look nowadays


Vincent van Gogh
The only webpage on the internet with all the paintings and drawings Vincent created in Auvers-sur-Oise, the last village he lived and worked, and where he died.
You find all the relevant letters, and the fascinating story of the last days of his life.

28   Corresp. List List of correspondences  
Corresp. with Sagot Sagot, one of Šimon`s Parisian art dealers
Corresp. Part 1 Correspondences
Corresp. Part 2 Correspondences
Dictionaire des Graveurs Exhibited prints at different Salons in Paris
Salon d'Automne  Exhibited prints at Salon d'Automne
34   Notes to the Catalogue Background information of prints  
36   Article by T.F. Šimon From the live of  Milan Štefanik  in Paris  
37   Article by T.F. Šimon Štefánik in search for Gauguin's traces on Tahiti  
Students of T.F. Šimon Šimon's students
Postcards Postcards collection from different countries
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41   Mšeno Impressions of Mšeno  
Krumlov  Beautiful Czech town, with a huge castle
Nové Město na Moravě Small Czech town, but a real gem
Reims The town Reims in France
Chartres The town Chartres in France
Normandy Coast of Normandy
Paris Paris
Gabriela Marcinková Slovak actress in Nove mesto nad Metuji
Josef Šejnost Czech sculptor
Edvard Munch Munch in Prague
Mauclair Camille Mauclair in Bohemia
Cemetery  Bubeneč Here is the monument for T. F. Šimon
Cemetery Vinohrady Important cemetery in Prague
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Important events and exhibitions

1877   Genealogy    
 <1889-1994>   Before T.F. Šimon enters the Academy of Fine Arts in 1894 in Prague he came to live with his oldest sister Maria and her family in Prague and attended a Civic high school. Due to family circumstances he returned to Mšeno, and attended  three years the Civic high school (commerce) in Duba (ca.60 km north of Prague).    
  Accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie Akademie Výtvarných Umění, UVA) and enters the class of Prof. Maximilian Pirner (1854-1924) starting winter-season 1895/96. (source: ex. catalogue Chrudim 1903)    
1897-1898   Travels to a warmer climate to recover from illness, he stays with his sister Anna Kateřina in Bosnia/ Herzegovina. (source: Topičův sborník1923).    
  Participates for the first time with Society Manes in Salon Topic in Prague.
Included the oil-painting: Portrait of my father.
1898-1904   Several illustrations of Simon's artworks were published in art-magazines f.i. Volné Smery, The studio (London) and Kunst für Alle (München).    
1899   Participates with 'Krasoumná Jednota' (Fine Arts Union/ Kunstvereins für Böhmen) in the Rudolfinum in Prague. Included the oil-painting (illustrated in the catalogue): Portrait of  J.V. Sladek (poet and writer).   Prague
1899   Travels (study) to Bosnia, Dalmatia and Montenegro. (source:Topičův sborník 1923. According to correspondences: October 1899).    
1900   Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie Výtvarných Umění UVA) in Prague.    
1900   Travels to Croatia, Bosnia and Italy. At least from April 8- Mai- June 28. (source: correspondences).    
1900   Participates with 'Krasoumná Jednota' (Fine Arts Union/ Kunstvereins für Böhmen) in the Rudolfinum in Prague. 4 oil-paintings.   Prague
1900   Participates with Society Manes in Prague. 3 oil-paintings: The Sea / Playing Waves and Bosnian Mule + 2 graphical artworks.   Prague
1900   The same above mentioned Mánes exhibition was also to see in Vienna. (where?) The Ministry of Education bought one oil-painting: Bosnian Mule. (source: ex. catalogue Chrudim 1903).   Vienna
1900-01   Military Service. October 1900-october 1901. (photo 1901: on the right sitting TFŠ).    
1901   Participates with 'Krasoumná Jednota' (Fine Arts Union/ Kunstvereins für Böhmen), Annual exhibition, Rudolfinum in Prague. 3 oil-paintings.   Prague
1902   Obtains the Josef Hlávka Travel (thanks to David Pearson) Stipend. He won the award with 2 exhibited oil-paintings: Symphony (1902) and Convalescent (1902). With the stipend the artist travells to Italy and stays there for a period of 4 months. (source: exh. catalogue Chrudim 1903/ Arthur Novak- Hollar, 1937).
Both sources do not mention where these artworks were exhibited, we do suppose in the Rudolfinum/1902.
1902   Participates with Society Mánes with artists association Hagenbund Vienna. 4 oil-paintings. Included the oil-painting  Symphony.   Vienna
1903   Participates with 'Krasoumná Jednota' (Fine Arts Union/ Kunstvereins für Böhmen), Annual exhibition, The Rudolfinum in Prague.7 oil-paintings. Included the oil-painting  Jaro/ Spring (1902), In the loge at the concert and Reflexionen aus der vergangenheit Venedigs (wins for the second time the Hlávka travel award). (source: ex. catalogue Chrudim 1903/Arthur Novak-Hollar, 1937).   Prague
1903   Obtains the above mentioned Hlávka travel stipend that ablest him to visit Paris (he sees for the first time Whistlers artworks exhibited) and Ault-Onival/ coast of Normandy. Visits also in the same year London, Belgium and Holland.
Šimon got aquaintance in Paris with J.F. Raffaëlli who was the leading personality of Salon de la Société de la Gravure orginale en Couleurs (set up in 1903).
1903   Participates with Society Mánes in Prague. 6 oil-paintings. Included the oil-painting In front of the mirror.   Prague
1903   The same above mentioned Mánes Exhibition (+ more included  artworks by T.F. Simon) was also seen in Chrudim (town east of Prague). (source: ex. catalogue Chrudim 1903).   Chrudim
  Between 1901-1914 the artist participates with artists association Hagenbund in Vienna. Austrian group of artists formed in 1900 in Vienna as "Künstlerbund Hagen", along with the Künstlerhaus and the Secession the third most important Viennese artists association. Founder of Hagenbund was Joseph Urban. Other artists a.o. who exhibited with this association were Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele.   Vienna
1903   Šimon meets his future wife Vilma Kracík in Onival in 1903, a small village on the coast of Normandy. The Czech sculptor Josef Kratina, who lived in Paris already for a few years before Šimon arrives, was married to Vilma's sister Růženena Kratina and Růžena  moved to New York ca.1907. Their daughter  Lydia Kratina (*1908, USA) marries in 1933 the Slovak painter and graphic artist Koloman Sokol (*1902 Liptovský Mikuláš; † 2003 Tucson, USA).    
  Moves to Paris with his friend the Czech artist Ferdinand Michl (1877-1951).
They arrive in Paris at February 22, 1904.
 Rue Daguerre April 1904.
.....My favourite Paris quarter had always been the Quarters Latin. Following me, Czech fellow artists and friends moved to this quarter one after another. It was my friend painter F. Michl, sculptors Spaniel and Kafka, later painter Strumple and the illustrator Placek.  Štefánik had called us once for a fun a ‘bunch of fumblers’. The oldest Paris residents were of course: Kupka living in Montmartre, A. Wiesner in Neuilly, J. Dedina and K. Špillar in Montrouge but we met them occasionally or by chance. We were youthful, had the same interest and modern thinking, always overflowing with merriment, and although our work was different, the relation with them was amicable and somehow amusing. We did not have much money but we had strong appetite for life, especially for the Parisian life, and the sense of humour and merriment was never missing. We were happy in a Bohemian way. We used to go for lunch to some restaurant at noon and instead of dinner, we rather went to some café-house at Bulmys(?), where we could sit, with a glass of café or another drink, relaxing, talking and sketching till or even over midnight…. by Šimon, 'From the live of  Milan Štefánik'  in Paris/ Arnošt Arnošt -  Štefánikův memorial.
1905   Visits the Whistler Exibition in London (March 24) together with Hugo Boettinger and Bohunil Kafka.    
1905   A few months in Przemyšl  Poland, to complete military service and visits Krakau.    
1905-1929   Salon d 'Automne, Paris.1905/1907/1908/1909/1910/1911/1912/1913/1919 (Reims etchings)/1928/1929.   Paris
1905/1906   Starts to coöperate with publisher/art dealer George Petit in Paris. According to the Kronika Grafického díla T.F. Šimona (Chronicle of Simon's graphical artworks) we may conclude the artist started to coöperate with publisher George Petit in 1904.    
  First solo exhibition in the Mánes Pavilon in Kinsky Garden, Prague, organised by  "Society (S.V.U.) Mánes", 80 oil-paintings, 6 crayons, 2 drawings and 38 graphical artworks (7 monotypes).
December 1905/January 1906.
1906-1912   Salon des Beaux-Arts (Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts), Paris, 1906/ (1907/solo)/1909/ 1910/1911/1912.   Paris

  Marries Vilma Kracík, schoolteacher, in St. Nicholas church In Malá Strana, Prague on February 17. They return to Paris (Boulevard Montparnasse 83).
First son Kamil born. Paris november 25, 1906. In the act of birth named: Camille. His parents were noted on the act of birth as François Simon and Guillaumette (=Vilma) Kracikova. Witness: Louis (=Ludvik) Strimpl and Ferdinand Michl. Arrondissement 6.
1906   Accepted to the Salon de la Société de la Grafure orginale en Couleurs. Paris. Leading personality of this Society was at that time J.F. Rafaëlli whom T.F. Šimon already met in Paris in 1903.    
1906   Starts correspondence with Sagot in Paris and offers his artworks in commission to this art dealer.
Translated from the original written text in French: « ..I am a Czech painter and graphic artist and member of Society Mánes in Prague. I life now for two years in Paris and have acclimatized well. Last year in 1905, there was an exhibition in Prague organised by Mánes Society showing my 'tableaux et eau-forts'. Included were 80 oil-paintings and 40 'eau-forts' + monotypes. Beside it I exhibit in Vienna, Berlin, München and London....» The artist invites Sagot to his atelier at Boulevard Montparnasse 83. April 23, 1906. 
1907   Venice. International Exhibition.   Venice

  Circa summer 1908 the artist moves with his family to Rue Humboldt 25, now called Rue Verhaeren.
Daughter Eva born. Paris July 18, 1908. In the act of birth named: Eve Marie Anne. Her parents were noted as François Simon and Vilemina Kracikova. Witness: Otokar Spaniel and Louis (=Ludvik) Strimpl. Arrondissement 14.
1906-1920   Salon de la Société de la Grafure orginale en Couleurs. Paris.1906/1907/1908/1909/1910/1911/1912/ 1913/1920   Paris
1908-1913   Exposition de la Société des Peintres-Graveurs Français. 1908/1909/1910/1911/1912/1913.   Paris
1908-1914   Member of the Royal Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers, London.   London
1910   Member of the 'Union Internationale des Beaux-Arts et des Lettres' on May 19, 1910. (Founded in 1905 in Paris by MM. Paul Adam, Auguste Rodin et Vincent d'Indy).    
1910   Salzburg   Salzburg
1910   Solo (sale) exhibition at The Ullrich Salon in Zagreb, founder: Antun Ullrich (1871-1937). <<..The exhibition season started with an international monograph exhibition of the Czech printmaker Tavik František Šimon, who showed his attractive etchings of scenes in Paris and Amsterdam...>> Over 100 prints by the artist were showed. A third was bought by the owner himself, Antun Ullrich. Today one self-portrait and 40 other prints by the artist is in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.   Zagreb
1910   Solo exhibition 'T.François Šimon' at George Petit (Galleries Georges Petit), Paris. 39 mixed media/ paintings, the Album 'Vues de Prague' and 10 Grafures orginales en Noir et Couleurs.   Paris
1910   Elected to the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts.    
1910   Albert- Roullier's Art Galleries, Chicago. The first Šimon exhibition in U.S.A.
(note: beside Mat&ecaron;j&ccaron;ek- T.F.
Šimon 1938, most sources in books etc.  indicated 1909. We believe  1910 is correct.
1911   Georges Petit (Galleries Georges Petit), Paris 1911.   Paris
1911   Public Library, New York.         Comment by the curator.           New Y.
  Albert Roullier's Art Galleries, Chicago,  An Exhibition of Original Etchings in Black and White and in colour, 1911. Chicago (USA). With an introduction in the catalogue by Alice Roullier. (Invitation).   Chicago
1912   Salon de la Société de la Gravure originale en Couleurs, 2nd salon in Reims.   Reims
1914   Outbreak of the war. Šimon is with his family at that time in Bohemia, they cannot return to Paris.    
1914   Zagreb. International print exhibition.   Zagreb
1914/1915   Frederick Keppel & Co, New-York (USA). With a note on colour-printing by the artist. December 7th - January 2nd 1915. 4East19thSt. New York.   New York
1914-18   Participates in the exhibitions of the Association for Assistance to Artists (Pomoc), Prague.   Prague
1917   T.F. Šimon is one of the founders of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists "Hollar".    
1917   Tabor (Czechia). Exhibition of Graphics and Books.   Tabor
1918-19   Simon returns after the war to Paris to see his house and atelier in Rue Humboldt. Everything in the house is still there how the family left it, only dusty. Vilma and the children do not return to Paris. The family decides to stay in Prague, after a few years they move finally to their villa in Bubene&ccaron;.    
1919   Participates in the exhibit of Czech Art in Paris. This exhibition was also seen in Venice, Rome, Krakow, and Belgrade. (According to A. A.Matĕjček, T.F. Šimon 1938, it was seen in Warsaw too).   Paris
1921   Participates with Hollar Society in Holland. (Source: Topičův Sbornik Sbornik/ 1923, not mentioned where in Holland).   Holland
1921   Schwartz Gallery in New York.   New York
1921   Publication of the book: Přiručka umęlce-grafika. Prague 1921. (Handbook of Artist-Etcher).
Victoria & Albert Museum- South Kensington, Martin Hardie: << ...The book is charmingly produced, does great credit to publishers - printers, as yourself... I wonder whether you could not profitable have an English edition printed chez vous. I am sure the book could have a good sale.>> April 14, 1922.
First half 1920s?   According to the book T.F. Šimon 'Painter -Etcher' by Arthur Novak, translated by William Ganson Rose (Cleveland 1926), Henry J. John from Cleveland organized a touring graphic exhibition. Šimon 's art has passed through the great cities of U.S.A. (There is not found exact information on that so far).   USA
1922   Moves with his family to the villa in Bubeneč;. Design of murals on the house by the artist himself.    
1922   The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1922. Grahic Art of Czechoslovakia: exhibition of prints from the private collection of Henry J. John.
Henry Jaroslav John was born in 1885 in Olomouc in the province of Moravia (Czech Republic) and joined his parents in the U.S. at age 14. He worked in Oklahoma and in Kansas, where he went to school at the University of Kansas. In 1912, he recieved his Masters at the University of Minnesota. He received his M.D. in 1916 from Western Reserve University of Medicine. When practicing in New York, he worked with diabetes specialist F.M. Allen. On October 9, 1928, John married Betty Beaman and the couple established "Ho Mita Koda," a camp for diabetic children in Ohio, now operated by the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland. Henry J. John died in 1971 at the age of 86.
1922   Participates with Hollar Society in Cleveland. (Source: Topičův Sbornik Sbornik/ 1923;v Sbornik/ 1923).   Cleveland
1923-25   Carnegie Museum of Pittsburg (USA).   Pittsburg
1923   Solo exhibition at The Fine Arts Society, London (April 1923).' Watercolours, drawings and original etchings by T.F. Šimon'. Exhibited 120 artworks (etchings and drawings). http://thefineartsociety.com/history/   London
1926   City Art Museum St. Louis (USA (photo from the newspaper St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 11, 1926). A part of the Carnegie International Exhibition of Paintings.   St. Louis
1926/1927   Voyage around the World. Departure from Cherbourg (France) with the ship Aquittania to New York: September 4, 1926. Arrived (returning) in Marseille on February 27, 1927.
Publication of the book: 'Listy z Cesty kolem Světa, J. Otto Prague 1928 ('Letters from a Voyage around the World'. English translation by David Pearson, Melbourne 2014).
1926   Exhibition Cleveland, collection of William Ganson Rose. 1926   Cleveland
1927   Publication of the book: Dřevoryt (Woodcutting), druhá přiručka umĕlce-grafika. Prague 1927.
(Handbook of Artist-Woodengraver).
1927   Royal Institute Galleries, Picadilly, London.   London
  Travels via Holland to England (by boat).
Russell-Cotes Art Gallery in Bournemouth. Catalogue of the exhibition by "Hollar" Society of  Czech Graphic Art. Introduction by George Brochner, March 21st. to April 5th, 1928. This exhibition was on view in several places in England.
1928   Solo exhibition at Krasoumná Jednota (Fine Arts Union), Prague. Graphics, drawings and oil-paintings.   Prague
1928   Solo exhibition, Hradec Králové (Czechia).   H.Králové
1928   Solo exhibition, Art-Museum in Plzeň (Czechia). Graphics, drawings and oil-paintings. Extended introduction by Dr. J. Cadík. 41 oil-paintings, 1 monotype, 176 graphics, 13 drawings and 4 ex-libris.   Plzeň
1928   Pavilion 'Ales', Brno (Czechia). Exhibition together with the Czech artist J.C. Vondrous.  'Club des Artistes peintres et Sculpteurs'.   Brno
1928   Turnov (Czechia). Graphic artworks by T.F. Šimon and Medals by J.Šejnost.   Turnov
1928   Appointed a Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
« T.F.Simon, the engraver of cosmopolitan bent and refinement has been nominated Professor at the Prague Academy of Arts.» (Announcement in art magazine The Studio, London, 1928).
1929   Hollar Society in Krakow.   Krakow
1929   Galerie J. Alexis in Paris. 'Exhibition of original drawings by T.F. Šimon'.   Paris
1930/31   Rudolf Lesch Fine Arts, New York 225 Fifth Avenue. 'The etchings of T. F. Šimon'.   New York
1931   Participates in the exhibit 'France in the paintings of Czech Artists' in the French Institute (named after the French historian Ernest Denis).   Prague
1932   Gallery Feigl, Prague. Prague in modern painting.    
Hollar Society, Prague.
Hollar Society, City Museum of Lwów (Lviv, Lemberk).
1935 Lviv
1935   Litoměřice. Exhibition of graphical artworks of different Czech artist. (T.F.Š, Hugo Boettinger and others).   Litoměřice
1935   Art gallery 'František R. Žďárský', Prague. 24 monotypes (1904-1913) and 11 drawings.    Prague
1938   Solo exhibition at Pavilion Myslbek, Prague. Comprehensive exhibit on the occasion of Šimon 's 60th birthday.   Prague
1938   Solo exhibition at Sokol in Slaný on the occasion of Šimon 's 60th birthday. Oil paintings and graphics.   Slaný
1939   Society Mánes, Prague. Exhibition of portraits.   Prague
1939   November 17th, The Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie výtvarných umení) is closed down (Nazi occupation), the artist still meets with students in a private studio.    
  Solo Exhibition at the school in Mšeno and Železnice (Šimon donates a collection of 50 graphics, three oil-paintings, photos and a few books to the Museum).   Mšeno-
1942   December 19th: the artist dies in his house in Bubeneč.    
1983   Museum Municipal, Pardubice (Czechia). Exhibition catalogue by Tomás Rybička.   Pardubice
1986   British Museum, Czechoslovak prints from 1900 to 1970. Exhibition catalogue by Irene Goldschneider, London, 1986.   London
1990/91   Museum Municipal, Liberec (Czechia).   Liberec
1994   National Gallery Prague (Kinsky Palace). Organised by Eva Bužgová (1930-2014).  (45 drawings,167 graphics and 25 oil-paintings.   Prague
2001   National Gallery, Zlín (Czechia). Organisation and catalogue (text) by Anna Grossová.   Zlín
2002   www.tfsimon.com. Imaginary Museum dedicated to the artist Tavik Frantisek Šimon. May-2002.   Internet
2002   Czech Centre on Madison Avenue Madison Avenue, New York (USA). From the collection of William Ganson Rose (Cleveland), who met Šimon on a trip in Paris in 1923.   NewYork
2002   Art Gallery Frederick Baker, Chicago (USA). Sale exhibition with a well noted illustrated catalogue.   Chicago
2002   Museum Gallery of Zeleznice near Jicin. Re-opened permanent exhibition of Šimon 's artworks.   Železnice
2004   Galerie U Křížovníků, Prague.  'Around the world in 80 pictures'. Graphics, drawings, and oil-paintings. Illustrated catalogue.   Prague
2006   Galerie U Betlémské Kaple, Prague. Exhibition of Graphics, drawings and oil-paintings.   Prague
2007   Gallery D & lake LTD, The Mews. Toronto/Canada. Sale exhibition. T.F. Šimon, Colour Aquatint & Soft-ground Etchings. September 20 - November 2007.   Toronto
2007   Gallery of Modern Art, Hradec Králové . 'Grafika Symbolistu'.  T.F. Šimon, František Bílek , Max Švabinsky, Vojtech Preissig, František Kobliha, Rudolf Adámek, Jan Konupek, Josef Váchal, Jan Zrzavý.   Hradec- Králové
  Prague City Gallery-Municipal Library. 'Bytosti odnikud' (Beings from Nowhere): Metamorphoses of Academic Principles in Painting in the First Half of the 20th Century in Bohemia. Organised (+ book) by Marie Rakušanová (1978). ..focus on the work of the hitherto ignored artists who in the first half of the twentieth century continued to develop the tradition of the nineteenth-century academic and Salon painting. Exhibited works by T.F. Šimon: 1 drawing (study of a nude man) and 4 oil paintings: Girl with harp (1898-1899- oil on canvas 96,5x143,5cm), Allegory I (1906- oil on canvas102x94cm), Allegory II (1906- oil on canvas102x94cm),  Karl Špillar and his wife 'The Špillars' (1904- oil on canvas 166x89cm).   Prague
2011   Gallery Felix Jenewein, Kutná Hora (Czechia). 'Czech artists in Paris' (20-10-2011-18-12-2011).
  Kutna Hora
2013   Galerie Moderna. Prague. Exhibition of 60 Graphics 'From the Voyage around the World'. (13-06-28-07-2013).   Prague
2014   National Gallery, Salm Palace - Prague/ curators Jana Ryndová and Markéta Hánová (Japonisme in Czech Art), May 16 – September 7, 2014. The National Gallery in Prague’s Collection of Oriental Art presented a unique survey of Czech art inspired by Japanese culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Markéta Hánová, the author of the exhibition, has assembled a representative collection of works by artists of Czech and German origin, who were active in the Czech lands and abroad, drawing inspiration from Japanese art that enhanced their own creative pursuits.   Prague

Georgia Museum of Art, September 17 – December 11, 2016. Icon of Modernism: Representing the Brooklyn Bridge, 1883–1950.
The forty works featured in Icon of Modernism: Representing the Brooklyn Bridge, 1883–1950 illustrate the influence that the imposing New York architectural landmark has had on modernist artists of varying stripes since its completion in 1883 to just after the Second World War. Included are a mix of paintings, works on paper, and photographs executed in several modernist styles from American Impressionism to Surrealism that depict the bridge from key vantage points. Curator: Sarah Kate Gillespie. One print by the artist
T.F. Šimon; The Brooklyn Bridge (collection of the Georgia Museum).

2017   Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris. Exhibition in occasion of the Centenary of Rodin.
Included the oil painting by T.F. Šimon "At the exhibition (of Auguste Rondin)" (1902).  The oil painting has been acquired by Museé Rodin, Paris 2017. http://www.musee-rodin.fr/
2017   Museum of national history and geography of Železnice. Galerie T.F. Šimona. Exhibition 1.11-1.12.2017. Simona Hrabalová. http://stopy-starych-casu4.webnode.cz/t-f-simon/   Železnice
2017   Galerie Univerzity of Pardubice. Exhibition "S.C.U.G. Hollar 100 Year" (1917-2017)". T.F. Šimon was the initiator and one of the co-founders in 1917. https://www.upce.cz/sites/default/binary_www_old/zazemi/univ-galerie/uskutec-vystavy/rok-2017/brozurka-hollar.pdf   Pardubice
2018   16.06-30-09.2018 Musee Breton Finistre / Quimper (France).
https://www.alambret.com/uploads/DP Quimper-25-05-BD.pdf
2019   Kinsky Palace, Prague. Exhibition: BONJOUR, MONSIEUR GAUGUIN:
CZECH ARTISTS IN BRITTANY 1850–1950. Works by Czech artists (such as Jaroslav Čermák, Antonín Chitussi, Alfons Mucha, Josef Čapek, František Kupka,
Tavik  František Šimon, Jan Zrzavý, Alén Diviš, Toyen, Jan Křížek) are presented and compared to paintings by foreign artists, such as Paul Gauguin, Paul Sérusier and Émil Bernard. 16.11.2018 - 17.3.2019. https://www.ngprague.cz/en/exposition-detail/bonjour-monsieur-gauguin

Compiled by Catharine Bentinck
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The villa of Vilma and Tavik František Šimon in Prague

In the 20's

The impressive villa of T.F. Šimon, V Tišine 10, Bubenec-Prague, 2007. 
Nowadays an Algerian consulate.


T.F. Šimon: "Idyll", mural of a lovely girl on the front of the artist's villa.

T.F. Šimon: "Shepherd`s boy with a German flute", mural on the front of the artist's villa.

T.F. Šimon: "Pastoral", mural on the south wall of artist's villa.


The memorial for T. F. Šimon


Memorial for T.F. Šimon, Cemetery in Bubene&ccaron;, erected by his widow Vilma in the 50's.
The portrait in bronze is by the sculptor
Josef Šejnost (created in 1937).


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