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Paintings by T.F. Šimon 

"Reminiscence of Dalmatia", oil on canvas, 56 x 64 cm, 1900. Monogram: FS.900

Tavik František Šimon around 1900. (photo)

"Portrait of Antonin Šimon.", oil on canvas, 27 x 20 cm, 1898..
Father of T. F. Šimon. (1835-1912).
Signed and dated (1898) on the reverse.

"Portrait of Antonin Šimon" (1835-1912, father of the artist). 
Oil on canvas.
Exhibited (Manes Society) in 1898, Salon Topic, Prague. 
The first exhibition of the artist in public. Signed and dated (1898). 
"Portrait of Anna Tavikova (1838-1897, must still be verified)"
Oil on canvas. 
On the reverse signed T. F. Šimon, dated 1901 and titled :
Podobizna ma matky (= portrait of my mother).
Both paintings belong to the collection of the Museum of Zeleznice/Eisenstadtel (near Jicin) and are
a donation of Eva Šimon, daughter of the artist.

"Portrait of a woman".
Oil on cardboard. 32x23cm.
Signed FSimon '99.


"Girl from Montenegro", oil on canvas on cardboard, 33 x 25 cm, ca.1899.
Signed FŠimon .


Signed F.Simon 99. Bosna


Bosnian Boy.

"Portrait of the J.V. Sladek" (poet and writer), oil on canvas, 58 x 81 cm, 1899.  

Exhibition: Prague, Rudolfinum (1899). Prague; Manes 1905/1906, Prague;
 Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", at Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.Prague.
The National Gallery, O 3808.

"Dama s plasvymi vlas" 
26 x 21 cm, ca.1900.
Not signed.

"Sea-nymph" 1900
Oil-painting. Monogram FS. 900 (1900)


"Portrait of a young Woman", ca. 1900
 Oil on cardboard, 31 x 26.5 cm.


"Portrait of Hugo Boettinger", signed  FŠ 900

"Love", oil on canvas, 53 x 46 cm, 1900. Signed F.Šimon 900
Museum of  Roudnice, Czechia. 

"In the Theatre", pastel, 53x70cm, 1910. Signed FŠ.  
Portrait of Madame Hofbauer. Museum of Roudnice?

"Young Woman in a Hat", oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, ca. 1900

"Selfportrait", oil on board, signed FŠ 902.
Courtesy of Darrel C. Karl

"At the exhibition (of Auguste Rodin) in Prague", mixed media on canvas, signed FŠimon 1902, 54,5 x 54,5 cm.
Acquired by Museé Rodin, Paris 2017, P.09527.
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Two studies. The final  paintings on canvas are in the collection of the museum of Ostrava (Czechia)


"Draught screen", oil on canvas, ca. 1902. Museum of Decorative Art, Prague.

"Venetian women", oil on cardboard, 33 x 39 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon, dated 1900.
Reverse: "Benatcanky, T.F. Šimon, malovano, barvami Rafaëlli."

"Quadrille-excentrique, Paris", oil on canvas.


"Girl near a birch", watercolour, ca. 1900/1905. Monogram TFS.

"Symfony" (1902), oil on canvas, 171 x 186 cm. Signed  F.Šimon, dated 1902.
With this oil-painting together with the oil-paiting Convalecent he received the Hlavka Stipend,
that abled him to travel to Italy for a period of 4 months in 1902.
Exhibitions: Prague, S.V.U.Manes, 1905/1906; Prague, Society C.U.G. Hollar, 
"T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

Nowadays this masterpiece is one of the highlights of the
Museum of Modern Art
Veletrzni Palace) in Prague.


Women on a balcony in Venice, oil on board, 26,5 x 21. The artist's stamp in red with his monogram TFS.


Venice, Oil on canvas, 1902.


"Waves of the Sea", oil on carton, 31 x 47cm. Signed F.Šimon


"Saint Marc, Venice", oil on canvas, 73 x 84 cm.
Reverse:: Fr. Šimon, Chram sv. Marka v Benatkach 1902.


"Venetian shadow", oil on canvas, 85 x 105 cm.
Signed F.Šimon, dated 1903.
Exhibition: Prague, S.V.U. Manes 1905/1906.
Literature: Volné Smery, 1904.

Onival, 1903.

Woman in a park, 1903.

"Selfportrait", oil on panel, 43x26cm, dated Paris 1903, signed F


Portrait of a Woman, Pastel., Signature FŠimon, dated 1903.


House on a Water, oil painting, Monogram TFS. Ca. 1904-1905.


Flower seller in Paris, oil on carton, 36 x 29cm, Signed FS, dated 1904.


"Folies Bergčres",
oil on canvas, 46,5 x 35,5 cm, 1904.
Monogram FS.

"Parisienne", oil on canvas, ca.1904.
66 x 38,5 cm. Monogram TFS. 



"In a Café"
Oil on canvas.

"Au-Café", oil on panel, 26 x 33 cm, 1904.
Monogram TFS.


"Circus", oil on canvas, 37,5 x 54,5 cm, Signed FŠimon Paris 1904.


"Portrait of Karel Spillar and his Wife"
Oil on canvas, 89 x 166 cm.
Signed F Šimon, Paris 1904.

Prague, S.V.U. Manes 1905/1906.

Prague, Society C.U.G. Hollar,
 "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

Prague City Gallery-Municipal Library, 2008/2009
'Bytosi Odnikud' (Beings from Nowhere)

"Girl at the Sea", oil on canvas, 65 x 70 cm, ca.1903. Signed F.Šimon.


"Summer at the coast of France",
oil on canvas, 158 x 174 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon, 1904.

"View from a Café in Fécamp", oil on canvas, 56 x 46 cm, 1904. Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Fécamp" (France),
oil on canvas, 55 x 65 cm, 1904.
Signature: F.Šimon, 1904 Fécamp

"On  the river Thames", 30x18,5cm, Signed FSimon-1904.


"Ships in the Harbour of Fécamp", oil on panel, 16 x 22 cm, ca. 1905. 
Signature on the reverse T.F Šimon-Fécamp.

"Theatre du Vaudeville, Paris", oil on panel, 31,5 x 52 cm,1906. Monogram TFS. 

"Portrait of the artist Hugo Boettinger".
Oil, 29x21cm, signed T.F. Simon and dated Paris 1905.


"In a café, Paris", oil on canvas, 64 x 54cm, monogram TFŠ 1906.


"The Beach", oil on cardboard, 34,6x48,5cm.

"Beach in France", 64x99,8cm, oil on canvas,  1906.
Galerie hlavního města Prahy.

"Beach in Normandy, 41x55cm, oil on canvas."
Galerie hlavního města Prahy.
Hugo Boettinger: "Portrait of the Painter Frantisek Šimon", oil on canvas, 1903. Signed.  
Published in the monograph "H. Boettinger" by Jindrich Cadik, Prague, 1936.

In Luxembourg garden, Paris"
Oil on canvas. Signed T F Šimon.


"Paris at night"
Oil on canvas, 73x85,5cm. Monogram TFS

"Paris Boulevard"
Oil on canvas


Beach, oil on canvas,
Gallery of Modern Art, Hradec Kralové

"Inside a church"
Oil, 21,5x26,5cm.
Monogram TFS


"Elegant Parisienne"
Marouflé, 39,5 x 28 cm.
Monogram: F.S.1905


"Woman in a café."
Oil on cardboard, 29 x 23cm.
Signed F Šimon '05.


"Parisienne" (1907)
Oil on cardboard.
Monogram: TFS

"Portrait of a Lady", oil on canvas, attached to cardboard, 23,6 x 18,7 cm, 1906

"Parc du Luxembourg"
Oil on canvas, .68 x 73 cm, ca. 1907.
Signed T F Šimon
Auctioned at Christies, London,1991.


 "Low Tide", 1907, Museum of Hradec Kralové (Czechia).


"London in the Evening", oil on canvas, 54 x 46 cm, ca. 1905-1907. Signed

"Beach on a Dutch Coast", oil on canvas, 53,4 x 65,8 cm, 1909.
Signed T F Šimon. Auctioned at Christies, London, 1995.

"In the theatre, Paris", oil on canvas, 1909.
Monogram TFS (Dated) 09.

The artist 's wife, Vilma  (photo).

"A windy Beach in Normandy", oil on canvas, 70x85cm. Signed T F Šimon.

On a French coast.
Oil-painting. Signed T.F. Šimon .


"Two women at the coast of Normandy",  oil on canvas, 27 x 21,5cm


"Bathing horses in the Sea", oil on canvas, ca.1910. Signed T.F.Šimon.
Published in Topicuv Sbornik, 1923/(5).


"Woman in a hat", oil on canvas, 50,5 x 38 cm.
Monogram TFS. ca. 1905.

"Sada Yacco, Paris", oil on canvas, 55 x 65 cm, 1908. Monogram TFS. 
Reverse: ' T F Šimon. Sada Yako'  
Courtesy of Darrel.C Karl

"Sada Yacco, Paris", oil on canvas, 55 x 65 cm, 1908. Monogram TFS. 
Reverse: ' T F Šimon. Sada Yako'. (Detail of the above oilpainting)

Sada Yacco, Paris, oil on painter cardboard, 26x33cm, 1908. Monogram TFS
Courtesy of Darrel C. Karl
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 "La passerelle de l’Estacade, Paris", pastel, 37 x 46,5 cm, 1908.

 "A Busy Beach (Onival)", oil on canvas, 48 x 65 cm, 1909. Signed T.F. Šimon, dated 1909.
At the back: "Zivot na Plazi (Onival)" and T.F. Šimon.


"Interior of my house in Paris ", oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm, 1909.
Signed and dated: T.F.Šimon, 1909.
Exhibition: Prague, Society C.U.G.Hollar, T.F.Šimon 1900-1938, Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.


"Little Eva", oil on canvas. 21 x 26 cm, ca. 1909.
Eva Šimon (1908-1997), daughter of the artist and his wife Vilma.

"Self portrait", oil on panel, 11,7 x 13,5 cm, ca.1908-12. Monogram TFS.


"Vilma in her Garden in Paris", oil on board, 46 x 31 cm, ca.1909. Monogram TFS.

Oil on canvas, monogram TFS, 40x34cm, 1909.


"Portrait of the Family of the Artist in a Mirror", Paris", oil on canvas, 120 x 103 cm, ca 1910. 
(T.F. Šimon, his son Kamille, his daughter Eva and his wife Vilma in their house in Paris)
Signed left bottom, T.F.Šimon.
Exhibition: Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, Prague, 1938.

"Three Girls on a Beach", oil on canvas, 53 x 72,5 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Low Tide", oil on canvas, 85 x 96 cm, 1910.
Signed T.F.Šimon.


'Place de la Concorde", oil on canvas, 60x73cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.




"Sea joy at the Norman coast", oil on canvas, 35 x 35 cm. Not signed.


"A windy Day on the Beach", oil on canvas.
Signed T.F. Šimon.

 "Het IJ in Amsterdam", oil on canvas. 55 x 765 cm, 1910. 
Signed T F Šimon. 


"On the beach of Concarneau", oil on canvas,
90 x 95 cm. Signed T.F. Šimon.

"Amsterdam, Damrak", oil on canvas, ca.1910.
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"Amsterdam, Damrak", oil on canvas, ca.1910.
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"In Café La Régence in Paris",
oil on canvas, 1910.
Signed T F Šimon. 

"Portrait of a woman", drawing on paper,
12 x 18,5 cm,, ca. 1910.
Not signed.

Beach, oil on canvas, 47x55cm, ca.1910

"Boulevard St. Martin in Winter", oil on canvas, 65 x 85 cm, 1911.
Signed T.F.Šimon.
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar, "T.F. Šimon 1900-1938", 
Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.


"Sitting Girl"
In the right corner: 'After Corot'.
Oil on wood, 40,5 x 32 cm.
Signed with monogram TFS and dated 1910.


Oil on cardboard, 54 x 64 cm.
Signed T F Simon.


Brugge in the snow. Oil on canvas.
Musée des Augustins, Toulouse (France)
Formerly in the collection of the Musée de Luxembourg, Paris. 

The studio in Prague of  T. François Šimon reveals the development of an artist of international repute from a colorist and impressionist to a decorative painter within twenty years. One of the best known pictures "Bruges in Snow" hangs in the Luxembourg, in Paris. 
To the average man in the street who pauses to consider art, Šimon is known to him as an etcher. In the smaller circle of artists and art critics, Šimon is painter first and etcher second. And it is as painter Šimon would prefer history should record on him. He is today one of the leading Czech painters and is probably, without exaggeration, the master of the decorative school in his country. 
"Concarneau Fishing Boats", reproduced here, demonstrates his instinct for balance and composition, but does not do justice to his feeling for colour, a feeling manifested in all Czech and Slovak art, whether it be painting, ceramics, or even peasant embroideries. And however lovely a picture this sturdy scene of the fishing boats in Concarneau may be, it still scarcely signifies the new movement in Šimon's painting. 
Šimon told the writer that a painting should not make
a hole in a wall-his own words-
but should add to and build up the decorative effect of the room, be in harmony with the architecture of the room, with furnishings. Design, rhythm - these have now, together with a new interpretation of colour values - succeeded in absorbing his interest. His groups of figures in flowing draperies by the seashore or by trees are definitely constructed after the somewhat severe manner of murals. To the writer, the simpler charm of the "Concarneau Fishing Boats" is more convincing and would be more agreeable to have in one's room than a large canvas of rhythmically arranged and rather conventional figures, however beautiful they might be. Šimon must, however carry out of his own inspiration. 
He has something in his new art which is rarely found in such a finished form among artists today.


From an AMERICAN NEWSPAPER. Around 1920. 



Concarneau Fishing Boats, oil on canvas.


Pont d'Austerlitz, Paris 1910.
Oil on canvas, 55,3x75 cm,
signed T.F. Šimon.
Private Collection, Toronto (september 2019).
An impressionistic view of the Austerlitz Bridge across the Seine,
shown during the Great Flood of Paris in January 1910 when the river rose about 8m.
The bridge is crowded with people looking at the flooded waters.

Lable on the back notes that it was in exhibition at the 1911 Kunstlerbund Hagen in Vienna.

In the 1911 Kunstlerbund Hagen exhibition catalogue from Vienna it’s called “Pont d’Austerlitz (Uberschemmung)”.


"The Abduction of Europe", oil on canvas, 55 x 65cm, ca. 1911. Signed T F Šimon.

"The Abduction of Europe" (detail).


"Girls at the Bay"


After the Bathing.
Oil on canvas. Signed T.F. Simon


"Vilma reading on a Sofa" , oil on cardboard (sketch), 41,5 x 46,5 cm, ca 1912.
The artist's wife Vilma is reading on the sofa in her house in Paris.


"Vilma reading on a Sofa", oil on canvas, ca. 1912. Signed T F Šimon. 


 "View into my garden in Paris", oil on canvas. Signed: T.F.Šimon.

"Two girls sun-bathing on a Norman beach", oil on panel, 39 x 29 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.

"A Woman and Child on a French Beach", oil on canvas, 50 x 80 cm.  Signed T.F.Šimon.
Formerly from The Waldes Collection, Nr.1009.
Restitution from the National Gallery of Prague Thr, No. O2170.

"Three Women and a Child at the Sea", oil on Panel. Signed T.F.Šimon

The-artist's-house-in-Paris.JPG.jpg (92831 bytes)
The artist's house with his studio in Paris.

"Bookstalls along the Seine", oil on canvas, 55 x 45,5 cm. Signed and dated T.F.Šimon, 1911.


"Vilma picking Lilacs", oil on canvas.92 x 70,5 cm, ca 1910. Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Harbour of Fécamp", oil on canvas, ca, 1910. Signed T F Šimon.
Museum of Hradec Kralové (Czechia).

"View of Ronda, Spain"
Oil on cardboard, 47 x 61 cm, 1913. Signed T.F.Šimon and dated 1913.


"Arena in Ronda, Spain"
Oil on canvas, 57,5x74cm. Signed  T.F.Šimon and dated 1914.

"The artist's House in Paris, oil on canvas, 78x90cm, 1913."
Galerie hlavního města Prahy.

"Houses in Sevilla"
Oil on board. Signed T.F.Simon.



Signed T.F. Simon, oil on board? 61,5 x 73,5 cm, ca.1916.


Oil on canvas. Ca. 1913.
Signed T.F.Šimon


"The Market, Tangier", oil on board, 22 x 27 cm, ca. 1913.
 Signed T F Šimon. 
Auctioned in Paris at Auction house Gros & Delettres, 2005.

"Socco (=Market) in Tangier"
Oil on canvas, 60x60cm, ca.1913-1918.


"Socco (=Market) in Tangier"
Oil on canvas, ca.1913-1918.
Signed T F Šimon


Tanger. Watercolour and white paint. Signed T F Simon, Tanger ..
Authenticity is unsure but likely it is done by the artist T.F. Simon.



"Bathing", 1914.

"Portrait of Vilma" (the artist's wife), oil on canvas, 27 x 22 cm.
Monogram TFS and dated 1914.

"Portrait of Vilma", (the artist's wife), oil on panel, 58 x 48 cm, 1914. 
Signed and dated T.F.Šimon, 1914.


"Self portrait" , oil on panel, 22 x 27,5 cm, 1915. Monogram TFS. Signed (reverse) TF Šimon, 1915.

"Pomona", oil on canvas, 1915. Signed T.F.Šimon, dated 1915. Original frame.

"Parc du Luxembourg, Paris", oil on canvas, 75 x 45, ca.1915. Signed T.F.Šimon.



"Girl by the Brook", oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm, signed  T.F.Šimon.

"Bathing Woman", oil on canvas, 54x36 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Dreaming", tempera on canvas, 54 x 65 cm.. Signed T.F.Šimon, dated 1915.

"Rozalie Simon" (second wife of the artist's father Antonin).
Oil on canvas. 1915.

"Sitting girl with an apple", oil on canvas, 82 x 57 cm, 1916.
 Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Saint-Nicolas Market, Prague", oil on canvas,130 x 100 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.
       Published in Topicuv Sbornik, 1916.

Details of  "Saint-Nicolas Market"

The old town Square, oil on canvas, circa 1917.


"Bathing Machines", oil on canvas, 84 x 90 cm.
          Signed T.F.Šimon, on the reverse: T.F.Šimon, '16


"Three bathing girls at the sea", oil-on canvas, 100x140,5cm, ca. 1916.

" Evening at the Sea", oil on canvas, 98 x 130 cm, 1916.
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", 
Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.


"Three Girls at a Brook", oil on canvas, ca. 1916-17. Signed T F Šimon.

"Portrait of R. Dolezalova", oil on canvas.73 x 60 cm, ca. 1916. 
Signed T F Šimon.
She was the governess of the children of the artist
(according to Ivan, son of the artist).
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", 
Pavilion Myslbek, 1938




"Woman in a Chair with a Vase", 1917.

"Portrait of Ivan Šimon"  (Son of the artist)
Oil on panel. 21 x 26,5 cm. Signed T F Šimon, 27-5-1917.

"Vaclav's Square, Prague"
Oil. 21,5 x 25,5 cm. Signed T.F. Simon. Ca. 1918.

Vaclav's Square, Prague
Oil on canvas. Ca. 1918.


" Prague Castle"
Oil on canvas,  60x93cm. Signed T.F. Simon.
Formerly from the collection of Antonin-Podlaha. Ca. 1916/17?


Oil on canvas, 1916. Signed T.F.Simon.
Also signed on the reverse and dated 1916.


"Woman in a chair", oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.
Signed T.F Šimon, dated 1920.


"Portrait of  Pavel Šimon", oil on panel, 26 x 21cm, 1921.
Monogram TFS, 1921. Signed (reverse) T. F.Šimon.


"A Painter in the open Air", ca.1922
Published in: Topicuv Sbornik, 1923/5

"Winter-Amusement on the Letna in Prague".
Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Idyll", mural of a lovely girl on the front of the artist's house in Bubenec, Prague.


 "Shepherd`s boy with a German flute", mural on the front of the artist's house in Bubenec, Prague.


"Pastoral", mural on the south wall of the artist's house in Bubenec, Prague.

"Still-life with a Melone", oil on canvas, 45 x 53,5 cm, ca. 1925. Signed T.F.Šimon.

Strecno Castle (Slovakia)
Oil on canvas. 1924. Signed T.F. Šimon .
The first owner of this painting was
the Czech composer and violist Josef Suk (1874 – 1935).


"Still-life with Fruit on a Table", oil on canvas, ca. 1925. Signed T.F. Šimon.


"Flora", oil on canvas, 85 x 100 cm, 1925.
Exhibition: Society Hollar,
 "T.F. Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

"The Breton Coast", oil on canvas, 74 x 100 cm.


"The Bay"
Sunday, April 11, 1926. Article in the St.Louis Globe-Democrat.
Exhibition at the City Art Museum in St. Louis;
A part of the Carnegie International Exhibit of Paintings.

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