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May 1942
T.F.Šimon, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, painter and graphic artist of world-class, celebrates on May 13 his 65th birthday. His place of birth, the town Zeleznice, will name a street after him in his honour. It is the street where the artist’s house of birth is located. The Museum of Zeleznice and its region collected in its collection many memorabilia items about the family of this important countryman (photographs, scrapbooks, songbooks, books etc.).

June 1942 T.F.Šimon, the academic painter and graphic artist of world-class, stayed since yesterday together with his son Pavel, also a talented artist, in their town of origin. They enjoyed their stay here and left satisfied with their rich artistic harvest (production of paintings) and refreshed for new work. They promised to come back as soon as they can to Zeleznice.


December 4 1942 The first ancestor of the academic artist professor T.F.Šimon came to Zeleznice in the year 1837, according to his registration in the book of the guild-brothers of Millers and Corn-chandlers of Zeleznice. It was registered as follows: On the 20th of February 1837, Josef Šimon, master corn-chandler from the town Rovensko, domain Hruba Skala, appeared at the guild meeting and requested admission to join the guild-brothers and this was accepted. The request was finally approved after the master showed his master letter, an evidence of professional skill that was given by the guild of the town Lomnice. He was admitted as the master among other masters. Total costs 6 zl. 30 kr. (6.5 golden coins).
The Grandson, an excellent painter and graphic artist, was born in Zeleznice at house nr. 85 (nowadays a public saving bank) on
May 13, 1877 and baptised with the Christian name Frantisek Jan. His father was Antonin Šimon, a corn chandler from Zeleznice at house nr. 97. His mother Anna was a daughter of Frantisek Tavik (from here comes the pseudonym Tavik and the abbreviation T in the artistic name of our great graphic artist and not Tomas which is often incorrectly presented), baker at Nymburk at house nr.224 and his wife Katerina, maiden name Machackova, from Nymburk at house nr. 219. His god uncles were Frantisek Tvrsky from Zeleznice at house nr. 99, and Jindriska, the wife of Antonin Jencek, shopkeeper in Zeleznice at house nr. 15. Brother of professor T.F.Šimon, Robert Šimon, administrator, director of “Narodni politika”, expert in photography, writer for a commercial magazine, was born in Zeleznice, June 1 1875 at house nr. 39.

4 1942
The excellent artist and professor at the academy of Fine Arts, the academic painter T.F.Šimon, donated in these days to the gallery of Zeleznice several wonderful artworks: two big oil paintings (Zeleznice seen from Soberaz and Bradlec seen from Kyje), and almost 50 graphic works of art - characteristic examples of all his created work from different periods and environments. The master also donated to the study-library of the museum some worthy books written by him and books of references.
school of Zeleznice has been decorated with almost 30 graphic works of art, which were donated by the artist. In the museum of Zeleznice , the visitor can see the collection of the bibliographical literature that refers to the artist’s work and life and many family memorabilia items such as lists of guilds, photos, scrapbooks, songbooks, letters, school reports etc. Zeleznice is rightly proud of their great countryman. 


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