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October 1, 2021
Ildeu Moreira

Rio de Janeiro,
Thanks for the fantastic site on which I came across looking for Milan Stefanik. Stefanik was at Passa Quatro (Minas Gerais,Brazil), in 1912, to observe a total solar eclipse. There were also many astronomers and teams, including A. Eddington, C. Davidson, C. Perrine, and H. Morize. Unfortunately it rained all the time, on the day of the eclipse, and they couldn't observe anything. Here are photos of Stefanik and the astronomers.
January 28, 2021
Petra Aescht
LETTER Stiftung
Köln, Germany
NEWS Our book for which you have kindly supplied us with plenty of information on Tavík František Šimon has now been published:  
January 22, 2021
Myron joshua

Thanks for an amazing site which i came across looking for the ptg wheatfields at Auvers (van Gogh).
July 27, 2020
Jeff Katzin
Akron, USA
This website is a a truly fantastic achievement! When I began research into a print signed "T. Frank Simon" in the collection of the Akron Art Museum, I never imagined that I would find my way to Tavik František Šimon and such an incredible wealth of information. I was able to start with your broader biographies but then to dig deeper into Šimon's trip around the world and even his datebook entries from the very day that he signed the print in our museum's collection. Rarely have I found such specific and useful information presented so openly and clearly.

To read more about my research and the print by Šimon at the Akron Art Museum, please follow this link: https://medium.com/@AkronArtMuseum/research-mysteries-from-quarantine-263c46caa3d1 

If every artist was as thoroughly documented online as Šimon is here—with timelines, biographical information, scans of archival materials, a fully-accessible catalogue raisonné, and more—I would think that the entire field of art history would be years ahead of its present position! I hope that other scholars and archivists find your work and take it as an example. I am truly grateful for the effort and care that you have put into tfsimon.com—you made my research far more successful and enjoyable, and you gave me exciting information that I was very glad to share with my community.

June 28, 2020

Alfonso Melendez

Thanks a lot for your great website and all the best from Madrid Spain!

Thank you Alfonso for sending these pictures (auctioned in Prague recently).


January 11, 2020
Alfred Pletsch



Thanks so much for your wonderful Imaginary Web Museum with an extremely rich documentation on the life and work of T.F. Šimon. The idea of including, beyond the examples of his work as an artist, information on the places that may have inspired his work, is simply remarkable. A good example for this is the section on (Český-) Krumlov (Index Nr. 42) with some nice pen drawings by Šimon from the years 1913/14 when he sojourned with his family in Bohemia. To my surprise, the many pictures on that wonderful town include a (mostly unknown) mural of Perchta of Rožmberk, without any doubt the best-known White Lady of the Czech Republic who, according to legends, even today occasionally appears as a ghost at Rožmberk Castle. Unfortunately, neither the exact location of the mural (the photo was taken in 2006, maybe in a restaurant or hotel in downtown Krumlov) nor the author are identified and it would be very appreciated if those who might read this note could help.

Climate change: think about it......
PF 2020

December 2, 2019



Most expensive (T.F. Šimon) sale at auction (Gallery Kodl) in Prague.

New York at night
Oil on canvas, 103 x 65 cm.
Sold: 950.000 CZK (36.538 euro) + 20% commission.

October 7, 2019


We received this photo from Oldřich Spaniel from the Czech Republic.
T.F. Šimon, a lady and Hugo Boettinger.
October 6, 2019

  Recently we received a picture of this oil painting. The painting is in a private collection, Toronto/ Canada. Oil on canvas, 55,3x75 cm, signed T.F. Šimon. An impressionistic view of the Austerlitz Bridge across the Seine, shown during the Great Flood of Paris in January 1910 when the river rose about 8m. The bridge is crowded with people looking at the flooded waters. Lable on the back notes that it was in exhibition at the 1911 Kunstlerbund Hagen in Vienna. In the 1911 Kunstlerbund Hagen exhibition catalogue from Vienna it’s called “Pont d’Austerlitz (Uberschemmung)”. 
See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1910_Great_Flood_of_Paris.

February 17, 2019
David Pearson

  Looking at the picture of Kafka and Boettinger, it was taken in Piccadilly Circus in London. I found this old postcard so you can see where they were.
January 18, 2019
  Exhibition in Prague
Works by Czech artists (such as Jaroslav Čermák, Antonín Chitussi, Alfons Mucha, Josef Čapek, František Kupka,
Tavik  František Šimon, Jan Zrzavý, Alén Diviš, Toyen, Jan Křížek) are presented and compared to paintings by foreign artists, such as Paul Gauguin, Paul Sérusier and Émil Bernard.

16.11.2018 - 17.3.2019 Kinsky Palace in Prague.

16.06-30-09.2018 Musee breton finistre / Quimper (France).

https://www.alambret.com/uploads/DP Quimper-25-05-BD.pdf
January 3, 2019
Dr. George Bey

  I have a piece by Simon. Don't know if you are aware of it but I thought you might be interested in adding the picture to your photo archive/collection if you don't already know the oil painting.
January 3, 2019
Chris Cotton
USA, Cleveland
Thank you so much for this fabulous and informative website about T.F. Simon. I stumbled on your site when I was researching the Czech national hero and renaissance man, Milan Stefanik, who has a beautiful sculpture here where I live in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Stefanik was a good friend of Simon's, and your website had some wonderful pictures and notes that were very useful for me in my research and blog. And what a treat for me I was able to learn about this brilliant artist.

Happy New Year 2019

December 13, 2018

Cathy D'S

As with many people these days, I have been conducting a genealogy for my family. As I have been tracing the ancestry of my Czech grandmother, Ruth Tavik, I was given the passenger list for TF Simon’s older brother, Antonio Frantisek Simon, by a descendant of his. This descendant and I are connected by DNA, and are estimated to be 5th-8th cousins. In the passenger record, AF Simon went to Baltimore before continuing on to Detroit. In the record, it says he was traveling to his uncle’s house in Baltimore, Anton Tavik, my grandmother’s grandfather. We verified that the address was the same, and are positive of the connection. As with many in that day, he may not have been his actual uncle, but a first or second cousin to his mother or father. It was common to call any relative of the parent’s generation “uncle” or “aunt” as a sign of respect and generational notation. I was wondering if you had any resources to trace the birth records for TF Simon’s mother and father, as well as grandparents? Anton Tavik’s wife was a Karoline Simon, so we are unclear if the connection between AF Simon is on his Tavik or Simon side. I would appreciate any assistance you could give. I am  looking for his parents and grandparents siblings.

A First try this website: Locality-  type Nymburk and you get books of records of birth, death and marriage of Nymburk, as the Tavik family lived in Nymburk in these days Anton Tavik's record of birth should be found. http://ebadatelna.soapraha.cz/pages/SearchMatrikaPage;jsessionid=C8CD7C55CAD60E71173C2B028943B423?0  
This is the genealogical information we have published on the website:
Genealogy of the family Simon and Tavik. Updated
For further research you could contact the National Archive in Prague or a regional archive for information how to find records of birth, marriage and death. http://www.nacr.cz/en/

December 17. Good news! Cathy D'S found the record of birth of her ancestor Anton Josef Tavik, he was the younger brother to Anna Tavikova, and uncle to TF Simon! Birth 15 September 1850 in Nymburk.
December 10, 2018
Judy Parker

Hello - So nice to find this website to get more information on this artist and print I bought over half a century ago. It wasn't in the best shape then and I wasn't savvy to know about non-acidic boards back then but I've always treasured it even as its sadly aged. I had no idea what the final print looked like until the Internet! So just want to share with you all what at least one of his reproofs looked like. The most striking difference is I don't have a lovely blue wagon. But I do have this print. And I am a print maker as well so it's valued even more so for me.

See also
July 13, 2017
Ben Dunham

December 12, 2018
October 11, 2018
Jan Leman

UK, London

Q To the directors of the Tavik Frantisek Simon website
Hello, I thought to let you see images of a watercolour work I believe to be original, by Tavik Simon from 1919 - most likely painted when Simon returned to inspect his old studio in Paris.
To the right of the signature there appears to be a faint stamp in red ink, the first line reads ‘Atelier’.
It is believed this work was painted by Tavik Simon on the day that the Versailles Treaty was finally signed confirming the terms of the surrender of Germany. During May 1919, a number of captured German guns and tanks were put on display in La Place De La Concorde in Paris.
In 1919, Simon returned to Paris for the first time since the war had ended to see if his house and atelier in Rue Humboldt had survived.
The work was found in West London as part of a mixed portfolio, and neglected until recently. Further imaging has helped identify the date of the piece, and by good fortune a photographic image of the scene in La Place de La Concorde taken in May 1919. (not published on this page)
I would be most interested in your thoughts and any guidance you can offer.
I should also congratulate you on a wonderful website to a superb artist and printmaker.

A Thank you for sending the pictures. It is an interesting watercolour, it is NOT created by the artist T.F. Šimon but by another artist with the same second name.


September 28, 2018
David Pearson
  I can offer a little bit more information on George Ficke (see August 17).
When they landed in San Francisco, George went to the Hotel Bellevue to visit TFS but did not manage to see him. (I've attached a copy of the note). Also interesting to see that the handwriting on the drawing and on the note is similar, so I guess it could be George's son. George Ficke lived in San Francisco in until at least March 1928 and was based at 2323 Hyde Street in San Francisco, which happened to be the home of Noel Sullivan. Sullivan was a wealthy American concert singer, philanthropist and patron of the arts, who entertained performers, artists and writers in his residence and also befriended many African Americans. They maintained some correspondence and TFS sent George some etchings from their trip, which George's mother forwarded to him In San Francisco form her home in Brooklyn. George recommended that TFS try to see the Roland Hayes an African-American concert artist if he ever got the chance.
August 17, 2018
Cat Robson

Q Thanks so much for your wonderful website! I've just purchased a lovely self-portrait by Simon, dated November 13, 1926, during his voyage around the world. I'm hoping to discover as much as I can about it before putting it up for auction. Is it in the catalog raisonne? According to the later inscription it was given as a gift by someone named George in 1986. As there's no last name in the inscription, it's probably impossible to discover who this is/was, but I thought I'd ask you if you had any ideas. I wasn't able to find out if Simon had any descendants named George, so we may never know.

A Thank you for the photograph. It is not a self-portrait but a portrait of high probably George Ficke (1900-1955 - from NY-Brooklyn ), a German family name. He had a son George and a granddaughter Jodi. It is a puzzle who wrote the text in 1986. A drawing in pencil, signed by the artist and dated November 13, 1926. The artist met George on the boat SSFinland on his trip from New York to San Francisco (between November 4-19, 1926). The drawing is not listed in the catalogue raisonné, as only prints are catalogued.
In his book Letters from a voyage around the World (translation by David Pearson, 2015) the artist writes (page 53) that he met a young, handsome, dark-haired man.. He was born in America but his father was German and his mother French...... See the picture for more details.
June 6, 2018
Christiana Beck
  Q I do have a color etching with T.F. Simon’s signature and it looks very similar to one that I can find on your website: No 437 Dutch landscape in winter. Although mine IS different. You are the experts and so I am asking you if you have an idea how that can happen. I am attaching a few photos of my etching. In my print one sees that nothing has been cut away there. You can see where the plate made the impression on the paper. And the signature is also an original signature. So how can that happen? Can I trust in it being a Simon original?
  A You have an original print by the artist, the artist covered a part of the plate (or cut it). We have listed this copy of the print. Three mills and a church in the background.


Mai 24, 2018

This foundation purchased recently the book Catalogue Raisonné and Biographical Sketch (2015).

In preperation:
The cycles ( 9 prints) of Reims (1919) by T.F. Simon will be included.

April 24, 2018
Tom Clemens
-- I purchased John Irvin Scull’s copy of the TFS bookplate portfolio. Included with it was Simon’s original transmittal letter for the bookplate he created for Mr. Scull. I thought that might be of interest to you. The attachment is my inventory record for the item:

Thank you for sending the picture of the letter.
The artist created two ex-libris (as far as we know) for Irvin Scull:
1920 (N 569) and 1921 (N 570). The letter dates from 1923.
The booklet Ex libris and Novorecenky dates from 1918.


From St. Johnsville, New York, Enterprise and News on Wednesday, March 13, 1938:
John Irwin Scull, born Somerset, Pa. Feb. 16, 1888. A member of an old and prominent Somerset county family, Mr. Scull was born in this part of Pennsylvania and has spent practically all his life here. Like his father, one of the leading bankers of Somerset county, Mr. Scull is identified with two of the most prominent banks of the city of Somerset, of both of which he is vice president. He is regarded as one of the most able and, most successful of the younger generation of bankers in Somerset county and holds a position of importance and influence in the community. Mr. Scull prepared for college Mercersburg Academy from which he was graduated in 1905. He then entered Princeton University, graduated in 1909 with degree B. of A. one year's post graduate course M. of A. 1910. In summer of that year he was a member of the reportorial staff of the Philadelphia Press. Later in 1910 became connected with the U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co., continued until 1918 serving in various capacities. Spent three years 1918-21 with American Red Cross. Returned to Somerset in 1922 became connected with Somerset T. Co., with which he remained until 1926. Actively engaged since with First National Bank of Somerset. Vice president of both. While attending college he became a member of the Quadrangle Club of Princeton, also member of Somerset Country Club. Unmarried. Source: The American Historical Society, Inc., N.Y. City.

April 4, 2018.
Musee Grand-Palais, Paris
Exhibition: KUPKA - Pioneer of abstraction at the Grand Palais, Galeries nationales.
From 21 March 2018 to 30 July 2018.

This exhibition is organised by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais in partnership with the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Národní Galerie v Praze, Prague, and the Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki.
March 26, 2018
Umělecká škola Mšeno

School of art (basic education) in Mšeno.
Text dedicated to the artist T.F. Šimon (in Czech).

See also:
Auction result:   
March 2018

Art Consulting Brno Czechia



  Oil on canvas, 100 x 85,5 cm. Signed: ?TF Šimon.
Final price (included + 20%): CZK 1.080.000

March 16, 2018
Lenka Kamenikova

  I now know that my grandfather Bezděkovský Karel studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague from 1933 to 1938. After graduation, he started studying with Professor Šimon at the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU). He was accepted straight away into the second year of that course. It would appear that my grandfather studied under Professor Šimon for the academic year from 1938 to 1939. He was enrolled for the following year starting September 1939 but couldn't start because of the occupation and closure of the university by the Germans. I have not been able to find out whether he was one of the private students that Professor Šimon continued to teach in his private studio following the closure of the university.
My grandfather studied under
T.F. Šimon at the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) and he always spoke so fondly about him. See also November 22, 2017.
February 25, 2018
Jesse Matossian

   My wife and I attended a swap meet in the area near our home. A dealer was selling a TF Simon etching that we purchased; N357, RAG-DEALERS UNDER THE PONT NEUF, PARIS. Colour E – 308x302. 250 prints. Estampe Moderne, Paris. I have attached some photos. The paper has been discolored due to light penetrating through the glass in the frame. The coloring is still in tact. The signature is in the lower right. In the lower left is the EM stamp (Estampe Moderne) and the number 95, indicating 95 out of the 250 total prints Simon printed. This is the third TF Simon we have (N370, N386).
February 22, 2018
Karis Crawford
Thank you so much for your comprehensive website on the work of T.F. Simon! Because of this website, my family has been able to identify a wonderful print that we own (#465, Au Quartier Latin, Marche Maubert, Paris) from 1927. We do not know how or when it came to be owned by family members living in the state of Minnesota in the United States.
February 22, 2018
Discussion: E. Jacobi  re-proof
Emil Jacobi (1853-1918)  
See also
Ben Dunham: July 13, 2017.
January 20, 2018
Deborah Ray
  Q Hello, I just purchased a T. F. Simon etching that is titled “Quai Malaquais Paris” but it is different than the one with that name in your list. It shows barges tied alongside a seawall in winter. Do you have any information on this etching? It is numbered “167” and is also signed “T. F. Simon” in pencil. Thank you for any assistance - anything you can share would be much appreciated! Sincerely, Deborah Ray

A It is Quai Voltaire. N 433 1925.
It is not! Quai Malaquais, so the title is not correct.

Q I think it is a mistake of long ago but cannot be sure. The title is in a different handwriting than the signature and is lighter, but looks like it is from the same time. Thank you again for the information, and for your website - it is very helpful!
Do you think having the wrong title would affect the value one way or the other?

A No, it does not affect the value.

Januari 12, 2018
Review by Akela Reason, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Georgia, on the exhibition: Icon of Modernism: Representing the Brooklyn Bridge, 1883–1950. Location: Athens in Georgia USA. http://www.caareviews.org/reviews/3118#.Wlj0wKjia1s
..........A twilight aquatint view of the bridge and city by Czech artist Tavík František Šimon offered a startlingly different impression of the bridge from a vantage point on the bridge itself making use of the gridded cabling as a screen for this urban view......





December 21, 2017
This year in several musea spread over the country in Czech Republic was celebrated the 100 years of existence of the Art-society HOLLAR. Initiator and one of the co-founders of the society was Tavik František Šimon. In Obecni Dum in Prague was held an extended exhibition of mainly works of art by current members and attention to the founders of the society. Also for example in Pardubice, Karlovi Vary, and Ostrava were exhibitions organized.
December 17, 2017
Website of The Fine Art-Society in London:
A solo exhibition of Šimon's artworks was held in New Bond Street in London, April 1923.
December 11, 2017

Update biographical information:
First son Camille (=Kamil) Simon was born November 25, 1906 in Paris. His parents were noted on the
act of birth as François Simon and Guillaumette (=Vilma) Kracikova. Witness: Louis (=Ludvik) Strimpl and Ferdinand Michl. Paris, Arrondissement 6.
Daughter Eve Marie Anne (=Eva) Simon was born July 18, 1908 in Paris. Her parents were noted on the

act of birth
as François Simon and Vilemina Kracikova. Witness: Otokar Spaniel and Louis (=Ludvik) Strimpl. Paris, Arrondissement 14.
November 22, 2017
Exhibition in Železnice
Museum of national history and geography of Železnice.
Galerie T.F.
Šimona. Exhibition 1.11-1.12.2017.
Simona Hrabalová

November 22, 2017
Lenka Kamenikova
The book you sent arrived safe and sound yesterday, thank you. I have unwrapped it but I have not yet found sufficient time to sit down in a quiet corner to start to enjoy it. Please believe me I cannot wait to re-enter the world occupied by my grandfather who I have surely missed for the last 27 years since his death in the Czech Republic. Once I start reading the book, I am sure there will be so many questions that I would like to raise.

In the meantime, I can let you know that my grandfather was called Karel Bezdekovsky, born 13/10/1911 in Havlickuv Brod. I understand that he went to the School of Ceramics in Bechyne, I then recollect that he went to the UMPRUM in Prague as he felt that he needed to, prior to being excepted at AVU, where I believe that TF Simon was his professor. I understand that his education finished just prior to the WW2 so he didn't get the chance to pursue his art very much. I understand that his only job was as an art teacher in a school in Karlovy Vary and he had one or two exhibitions. I will try to find out more by contacting the AVU directly and see if they can provide some more information. If I find something relevant, I will let it know.
July 13, 2017
Ben Dunham
I was looking at your website on T.F. Simon and its discussions of "re-proof" images printed by E. Jacobi. For more information on Emil Jacobi, visit www.jalphegebrewer.info  and use the menu bars at top right to go to the "Jacobi Re-proofs" page or to the page directly: https://www.jalphegebrewer.info/jacobi-re-proofs. These prints were not restrikes of the artists' plates, but rather photographic reproductions done with the photo-gelatine process, for which Jacobi had a patent from the US Government.
May 27, 2017
April 21, 2017
Sandra Boujet
Musée Rodin,

The Museum (Musée Rodin) recently acquired the oil painting "At the exhibition of Rodin" It is in the collection of the Rodin museum with this number: P.09527,  it is now exhibiting at Galeries nationales du Grand Palais for the Centenary of Rodin. http://www.grandpalais.fr/en/event/rodin-centennial-exhibition
March 3, 2017
Vojtěch Hordějčuk
Luxemburg/ Czechia
Q Hello! We have met you last summer in Koerich (we are a Czech family currently living in Luxembourg) I am sorry it took my so long to write, but I have unfortunately lost the note with the website address for some time. Now I have it again! Now why I am writing: my friend asked me how exactly is Tavik František Šimon related to the Koerich church? Was he doing some design/paintings in the interier? Is there maybe a page or a section on your website (tfsimon.com) that speaks about that matter? Thank you very much and I wish you all a very nice weekend! Vojta

A How kind Vojta, I remember me very well our visit and meeting. I was at that time in Koerich to see the interieur of the Baroque church. The murials inside the church were done under supervision (1767-1777) of the Bohemian painter Joseph Müller, that took my attention. Also there were a few old graves (outside) with Bohemian names. The artist Tavik František Šimon is not related to the church of Koerich. Have a nice weekend too and a good stay in friendly Luxembourg. Catharine.
Czech minister Stropnicky visited the Columbarium in honour of Kupka in 2015.
The romove of the remains of František Kupka from Paris to Prague has not taken place.
Durant son séjour en France June 15, 2015, Monsieur Stropnický a visité le cimetičre du Pčre Lachaise oů il a déposé une gerbe au pied du mémorial des légionnaires Tchécoslovaques et a rencontré les membres du Sokol de Paris et de l’Association des volontaires tchécoslovaques en France qui contribuent ŕ la préservation de la mémoire de l’histoire militaire tchčque en France. Le ministre a rendu également hommage ŕ František Kupka, peintre et légionnaire tchčque, qui repose au Pčre Lachaise.
See also this page: Monuments
February 21, 2017
Eugenie Hančarová
Dear friends, let me introduce you our Classical Bookbinding Museum in Rožďalovice, a little town in Central Bohemia. We created the museum in the house and original bookbindery of Jenda Rajman, an excellent Czech art bookbinder (1892 – 1965). Jenda Rajman was a friend of T.F. Šimon and his son Pavel Šimon. Now we are opening the exhibition named “Gauguin’s wood engravings and “Hollar” founders”, where we show the collection of 12 replicas made by František Kobliha. This exhibition is devoted also to T.F.Šimon, as he took part in the story of Gauguin’s wood engravings and because we celebrate 140 years from his birthday this year.

Regrettably we have not many things reminding T.F.Šimon in Rožďalovice, but we have his short memo in Rajman’s Guest Book, I am sending the copy to you. We would like to invite you to our museum. More information – www.rajman.cz/index.php?submenu=news

January 26, 2017
Ruth Fraňková
CR, Dec. 29, 2016


Januari 5, 2017
Barbara Mann
Q I received a piece of T. F. Simon’s art. Would you be so kind as tell me more about it. I do not see it in the archives.
A Please find your print on this page: Novak 225, 1914. http://www.tfsimon.com/novakminiatures.html
January 4, 2017
Gavin Banns
Thank you for producing such a comprehensive website on the works of T.F. Šimon. I enjoyed looking through his various sketches. The sketch entitled 'village' found on this page : http://www.tfsimon.com/sketchbook-9.html  appears to be a study (with a few improvisations) made after Fritz Thaulow entitled, 'Washerwomen In The Morning At Quimperle'.

A The artist T F Simon was at the location in Quimperle in person to drawn in his sketchbook the same theme as the painting by Thaulow. The sketch entitled "village" is not a study from Thaulows artwork but an original personal impression by the artist during his stay in Quimperle (Bretagne). I will change the title of the drawing. Thank you!

It did cross my mind that he might have visited the location, I guess it must have been a popular attraction for artists at the time. Thank you for the information, it is appreciated, and thank you once more for the time and passion you've put into your website.
It looks like a beautiful part of France. I actually first came across your website a few months ago, as I was seeking artists who had depicted scenes of Paris in the Japanese ukiyo-e style of illustration. I came across Henri Riviere and then T.F. Simon via your site, so it was a pleasant discovery for me.
december 30, 2016
Jiří Beneš

Q  Hello, I have been given an oil on carton, allegedly by T.F. Šimon, yet not signed (see attachements) Dimensons 11x16 cm. I am curious to know whether the authorship of T. F. Šimon is probable. I would also like to appreciate your unfivalled website.

A Thank you kindly, the oil painting is not created by T.F. Šimon.



November 11, 2016
Exhibition, Museum Plzen, upto January 8, 2017.
Hugo Boettinger (colleague and closest friend of
 T.F. Šimon).



Oktober 29, 2016

Edvard Munch’s oilpainting GIRLS ON THE BRIDGE
To Lead Sotheby’s November Sales of Impressionist & Modern Art.
Estimated in Excess of  $50 Million.
Sold: $54.487.500


August 10, 2016
Jesse Matossian
I have a T.F. Šimon etching (N 386 in the book). It is signed in pencil in the lower right. In the lower left it is written in pencil, "epreuve d'artiste", and next to this is a green embossed stamp of the artist. I assume this is the artist's proof of the color etching N386 in the book. T.F. Simon was a remarkable artist. I also collect other artists who were etchers, like Edgar Chahine, who also liked the Paris scenes, especially with peasants. I was unable to find a reference to Edgar Chahine in the T.F. Simon book. They must have been present in Paris at about the same time. Great accomplishment to archive and make accessible this artists work to the public.Thank you for the book.
July 19, 2016
Upcoming exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art. “Icon of Modernism: Representing the Brooklyn Bridge, 1883-1950.” The exhibition opens in September. The color aquatint New York—Brooklyn Bridge, 1927 - N 460 is in the exhibition and will be reproduced full-page in the color plates section.

June 12, 2016
Exhibition in Paris at the Czech Center in Paris.    



June 9, 2016
David Veselý
Tsjechia/ Prague

Thank you for your work about TFŠ. Your book is great. Last year our store bought one copy and it as awsome. Thank you!
We have in our store for sale the print "Girl with Books". You can see litle brown dots on the back side of paper. Two of them are able to see upper of the preasure. It is not signed, marked on the upper left side. The prize is 1.200CZK. If anyone is interested in purchasing this print please let me know. info@podzemni-antikvariat.cz  

June 8, 2016
Barbara Moody
We hebben elkaar vandaag ontmoet in Hoorn, ik was aan het schilderen aan de haven, bedankt dat je mij deze prachtige schilder hebt leren kennen. Hier mijn site, www.bmoody.over-blog.com  Tot de volgende keer. Barbara

May 31, 2016
David Lyman
  Q To whom it may concern, My name is David Lyman, I live north of Boston and have a print from the catalogue raisonné of T.F Simon. I am confused as on the back it has a hand written note that says Chateau Sheneneau Saivaigne , France 1912, and on the front of the print it says 1911 with the hallmark that I learned about. When I checked the catalog, the print is different than the one in the resonne. The trees are different and it does not match the photo that I have. If there is any way you could help me I would be greatly appreciative. I was wondering if I may have the first copy that was revised when it went into print? Your response would be greatly appreciated.

A Thank you for sending this picture.
CHÂTEAU DE CHENONCEAU. E – 227x318, 150 prints. 35 prints by Fred. Keppel, New York. 3 states.
It is a print in three states.On the website in the Catalogue Raisonné you see the
II state and archived the I state.Yours (see the picture) is different from the I and II state, there are some pencil sketches in the print f.i. in the right corner of the bridge.

April 22, 2016
Mary Katherine Keiser

Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Galleries
 Q  To whom it may concern, Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you well. I am personally contacting you regarding Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Galleries upcoming "Fine Atlanta Estates Auction" on April 30th/May 1st. Included in our upcoming auction is a oil work by Tavik Frantisek Simon, entitled, "Figural Seascape".

 Sorry, but this oilpainting to be auctioned is NOT created by the artist T.F. Šimon.
April 4, 2016
Chris Kenefick
Charlotte, N.C
Q Hi there. T.F. Simon sounds like a very interesting man…I purchased a print of his today, which I identify as “1925 AP1” on your website. In the lower left, it reads “135/350.” It appears to be a painting from his time spent in Asia. Can you tell me a little bit about it? I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you kindly, Chris Kenefick
A Are you sure 1925 AP1?
Yes, positive. I’ll send a photo.
Thank you for the photo. It is an Original print by T F Simon 'Booksellers on the Quai des Grands Augustins', Paris. 1925. The woman in the chair looks like an Asian. You have number 135 of an edition of 350.

April 11:
Thanks, Catharine. Interesting. Buildings certainly looked European, but some of the characters looked to be Asian. I’ll check out the website. Thank you kindly.
There was also a New York print for sale, which I wanted to get as well. This was an estate sale. When I walked back through to get both of them, the New York print had already been snatched up. Oh well. There are two relatively old houses in my neighborhood, both built in the 1950’s. I live in one of them. The neighborhood is about 10 miles southeast of downtown Charlotte. Both houses were built by the Hemby family, who also owned all the land, and a bunch of other nearby land as well. They were responsible for developing my neighborhood on the land they owned. The estate sale was held at the other Hemby house. An elderly family member just moved out of it (age 96 or so) and into assisted living, so the house is going up for sale and will no longer be owned by the family. The Hemby’s were/are a pretty well to do family, with the grandfather having been a pioneer in the banking industry here in Charlotte at the turn of the century (President of American Trust Company, which morphed into Nationsbank, which is now Bank of America)…and he might be credited with the start of Charlotte’s urban sprawl…by building the house, 10 miles southeast of downtown Charlotte, where I bought the T.F. Simon print…

March 6, 2016
European Arts Prague, Czechia

  Oil on canvas, 37,5 x 54,5 cm. Signed: FŠimon Paris 1904. Final Hammerprice: CZK 860.000
€ 31.238,70
January 12, 2016
Waynor Rogers

Tucson, Arizona
The beautiful and informative book arrived today. Thank you so much for the enormous effort required to compile this valuable information for collectors of T. F. Simon. It will find an important place in our library of western print artists who traveled the world and informed our grandparents of the beauty of the North Africa, the Mid-East,and East Asia. And a special thanks to you and Mr. Pearson for translating his works into English for the rest of us.




September 24, 2015

Petr Matoušek

Dobrý den, Chtěl bych se zeptat jestli je možná dohledat na Vašich stránkách dílo, které posílám v příloze. Nepovedlo se mi ho najít, ale je možné, že na stránkách uvedeno není neboť se jedná o kresbu tužkou. Název díla je Motiv z ulice, rozměr 16x23cm.

Thank you for sending this image; a drawing (Men in Amsterdam) by the artist T.F. Šimon.
August 19, 2015
Jeremy Hall
Kent, UK
Hello there, Firstly, your website has been incredible to look through, fantastic! I recently purchased a TFS print whilst on holiday in Prague. It is of the western façade of Rouen cathedral. I found the print on your website ( N202) and it describes it as an art extra of S.V.A. Manes that was produced as a run of 800 prints. Mine bears the red TFS stamp but no number or signature. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Jeremy
May 13, 2015
Romana Voháňková
Prague, Czechia
Q  Hello, first of all I would like to express my interest in this website. I found there two photographs, that I know from some other artistic inheritances. First one, that I attach, shows Hugo Boettinger and the czech scultor Bohumil Kafka (It's also in Kafka's inheritance in the Archive of the National gallery in Prague). The second one, that shows T. F. Simon at the Normandy coast, is also to be found in the inheritence of the czech painter Karel Špillar in the State Archive of Pilsen. Špillar and Šimon probably spent some time together in Normandy. I also would like to ask a question: I found at this website four undated photos (snapshots) taken by Šimon in Amsterdam. When was he there? What type of camera did he use? When did he take up photography? This would be very interesting for me..... Thank you in advance for your reply.
Best regards Romana Voháňková, student of art and photohistory, Charles University Prague

A Thank you Romana. Bohumil Kafka was befriended with TFŠ met the Spillars in Fécamp, Normandy coast (1903). They must have shared photographs. Amsterdam (snapshots) - I do not know what camera he used. The photos were taken before 1914. TFŠ has been to The Netherlands as far as known in 1903, 1909, 1912, and 1928. It is also not known when he took up photography, only that his brother Robert Šimon was a professional photographer and jounalist. Simon's best friend was Hugo Boettinger. Hogo's father was Josef Boettinger who erected a photo studio in Pilzen in 1867.
February 7, 2015
Maine, USA
I just wanted to let you know how valuable and beautiful your site is. I first discovered Simon when I purchased one of his prints at an antique store. It was tucked behind a bunch of vases and other knick knacks but still managed to catch my eye. I decided to research the artist and found your wonderful site and realized the extent of his talent. Over time I have acquired 14 Simon prints and haven't stopped yet. If it weren't for you and your wonderful site, I may have missed out on some wonderful art.
January 30, 2015
Jill Anderson
Massachusetts, USA
Q January 30th
What a wonderful website! I love the generous sharing of information. I write you in hopes that you can refer me to someone who can identify the Czech folk art left to me by the widow of Wolf Salus, son of Hugo Salus – doctor, poet and composer of Prague. These appear to be watercolors – I have four originals. Mary Salus only described them as “Czech folk art”.  Are their experts/academics who can tell me more about them? I’ve been searching the internet for two years and would greatly appreciate any help you can give. I attach two views of one painting.

A Thank you. Altough the question has no relation to T.F. Šimon at all it is added to the Guestbook.You could try to contact Marketa  Hanova of the National Gallery in Prague. If someone has information about the picture, please contact us.

Q January 31st
To Miss Marketa Hanova,
In January 2013 a dear friend of mine, Mary Salus, passed away at the age of 91. She left me three watercolors, which she described to me as "Czech folk art". Mary's husband, Wolfgang Salus, was from a famous Prague family. His father, Hugo Salus, was a physician, poet and composer. Wolf was very active politically. After he was released from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp he and Mary fled the communists to Munich. Mary had met Wolf while working at a radio station in Prague. Just wanted to let you know her Prague background. One of the watercolors was exhibited by Umelecka Beseda in 1946, according to a stamp on the back. I have tried for two years to find someone who could tell me more about the paintings - are they Czech? Slovak? Roma (dark skin of figures)? I'm sending you photos of the paintings and the exhibition stamp, in hopes you can at least give me contact information of someone who might shed some light on my mystery paintings. The lady who has the TF Simon guestbook site gave me your information. Thank you for your attention. I hope you find these interesting. Jill Anderson

A February 4th
This is the answer of Marketa Hanova:
Dear Mrs. Anderson, thank you for an interesting mail. Thanks to the stamp I was lucky to find out an author of these watercolors which is a female painter Natálie Masliková-Schmidtová (1895-1981) Also, I have found out a recently published monographic book with many illustrations I´m a Migrating Bird / Natálie Maslikova-Schmidtová (2006) published both in Czech and English. I think it is still available, please see:
As we can read in a preface: (She) is one of the significant representatives of the "primitive" art in the world. Most often she is referred to as a naive painter....She spent her youth in Russia, after her marriage to an Austrian prisoner of war, Hugo Schmidt, in 1918, she spent the greatest part of her life in Moravia (part of Czechoslovakia). She began to paint after the age of fifty. Two important exhibitions took place, in the Aleš Hall of Umělecká beseda in Prague (see your receipt) and in Pierre Gallery in Paris. I hope you find this helpful.
Best wishes, Marketa Hanova
National Gallery in Prague
. Collection of Oriental Art.

                                   Happy New Year       2         0       1        5
September 23, 2014
Michal Čežík
Hradec Králové
Czech Republic
Q Dobrý den, nejprve bych Vám chtěl poděkovat za vytvoření těchto stránek, na které jsem narazil při vyhledávání informací o umělci T.F. Šimon. Jsem unešen jejich obsáhlostí. Jenom mě trochu mrzí, že texty jsou převážně v angličtině.
K mému dotazu. Na internetu jsem se setkal s několika nabídkami jeho grafik, kde je uvedeno vyšší pořadové číslo, než je uváděno ve Vašem přehledu. Jedná se z Vašeho pohledu o falza, nebo je možné, že ve skutečnosti byly tyto grafiky vytisknuty ve více exemplářích. Děkuji za Vaši případnou odpověď. S pozdravem.

A Thank you for your interesting question on this matter. It might be possible the edition of some prints was higher as mentioned in the catalogue raisonné. The catalogue was published in 1937 with assistence of the artist himself and even the artist did not always know the exact number of edition.
September 1, 2014
Emilio Muracchioli

This painting looks similar to one of Tavik František Šimon water paintings. It says it was painted in 1900. I was curious to know if you knew anything about this painting.

A It is not a painting by T.F. Simon.
August 25, 2014
Kay E. Floyd
Q I have been given a TF Simon print signed with his name, his monogram TFS and also the monogram in green and numbered in pencil "87". It is a winter scene with trees toward the front and a domed building with 4 columns in the background. The print appears to have little color at first glance, but there is some color though very muted....mainly shades of white, black, and tan. Is this indeed a Simon print or just a reproduction? It does appear to be old and the frame is in very bad condition. (I have since removed it from the frame.) Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  

A It is an original print by T F Simon (1877-1942). The passepartout seems to be in bad condition and maybe the sheet is yellowed behind the passepartout, furtheron the print itself with bright colours seems to be in fine condition on the picture. You should replace it in an accid-free passepartout. Novak 448. Titel: WINTER IN THE PARK. edition of 240 prints, yours is 87. You can find the title in the catalogue raisonné on the website.

August 21, 2014
Jana Korinkova
Czech Republic

Q While moving a friend's flat in Brno, Czech Republic, we have found a framed picture whose photograph I attach. It seems identical with picture N 477. FIREWORKS IN PARIS. colour E – 306x312 on your website (http://www.tfsimon.com/477.bmp.jpg). The signature is T. F. Šimon. Would you be so kind and confirm that the graphic could be an original? Are there any such pieces to be sold? Are these Tuileries Gardens near Louvre depicted in the picture? Best regards and many thanks for your website.

A It is an original excellent print by T F Simon: Fireworks in Paris, N 477. The building is Palais de Justice in Paris near the river Seine (see enclosure). Auctionhauses in Prague have offered Simon's prints like this one.

July 4, 2014
Dianne E. Carlisle
Hi, On August 23, 2011 a young lady, Kathy Gregory got an answer from you about 4 prints she thought were T.F. Simon. Your answer to her was that they were not done by Mr. Simon. My interest is in the print you show on your website . I believe that I have the same print. I also thought mine was a T.F. Simon. So the question here is, who did do these prints and how can I find information and value on this beautiful print? Thank you for this site. I have found it very informative and interesting. I have not found another sight that is so easy to read and learn from. Again, I thank you for all your hard work.
June 20, 2014
Bonnie Lewis
Q What a treat to find this site. I have the print lEpicerie. It is signed and initialed and has a # 72 on the left bottom. The print is framed, very clean and colors are excellent. The outside border of the mat area are soiled but any discoloration is far from the print. Could you direct me to someone who might suggest a value. B.

--This question is answered nonpublic.
June 14, 2014
Helen Gilbert
Q I recently aquired, from a friend, three T.F Simon colour etchings. I was just looking them up on your website (amazing site by the way!) and I noticed that one of them, the 1920 Embankment in Paris at Orsey, states that only 150 were made.... but my one is numbered 155. I'm curious about this discrepancy and wondered if you might know anything.

A It might be possible the edition of some prints was higher as mentioned in the catalogue raisonné. The catalogue was published in 1937 with assistence of the artist himself and even the artist did not always know the exact number of edition.
P F  2014
 October 26, 2013
John Solinski
Pennsylvania USA
Q Hi there,Thank you for making a website. I wouldn't have known what I know if it weren't for you.  Do you have any information on Milan Rastislav Štefánik?  He is my relative and I think he is my Great Great Uncle.  His brother Andrew is my Great Grandfather and lived in Pennsylvania.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

A All that we know about M.R.Š is published on the Simon website on different pages dedicated to Štefánik. www.tfsimon.com
September 25, 2013
David Pearson
  The book 'Letters from the voyage around the World'
Coming soon for the first time in the English language by a private initiative:  www.taviksimon.com 
July 31, 2013
Oldřiška   Dvořáčková
Prague, CR

Thank you for your kind permission for use of these pictures. I don´t know, if you can read in Czech, so I would like to describe you shortly a little-bit our Project, for which I use these pics.

The matter of our Project, called „Project of Adoption of Significant Graves“ (Projekt adopce významných hrobů) started Prague Cemeteries Administration due fact, that there is many graves of very significant persons on our Prague Cemeteries, like artists, actors, scientists  etc., whom  graves are unpaid and neither in very bad conditions. These graves are sometimes under serious risk of unrepairable damage, or could be sold out to anyone, as there is not settled any  legal status for Significant Grave. This lack of legal protection of these unpaid (unhired) graves want our Administration solve by this Project. Anyone, who want, can come and save these enlisted graves by the „adoption  rental contract“ of gravitone, which means that there is signed Contract between our Administration and anyone, who want to care and repair such grave. The adoption contract is usually signed for 10 years and the price is the same for the rent of common grave site in the same measurment.One of the unpaid graves, enlisted into our Project, is the grave of Hugo Boettinger.
(see our web: http://www.hrbitovy.cz/adopceimg/adopcevin.pdf) Maybe you should be interrested to join our Project by adoption of this Boettinger´s grave, or you know someone, who should be.If you have any other questions about our Project, do not hesitate to contact me. Just please, excuse my english…
With my best regards and  many thanks

June 21th, 2013
Grenoble, France
A ceremony to pay tribute to Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880-1919) has been held on June 20th.... 
More: http://www.mountainwilderness.org/2013/06/21/who-knows-milan-rastisla-stefanik/
June 6, 2013
Peter Bušta

Dear authors of the page www.tfsimon.com . Please accept my deepest thanks for creating that article about my grand grand father's brother, Milan Rastislav Štefánik . It was of my greatest pleasure to read through the lines about one member of my family! Thank you again.
May 12, 2013
Catherine Van Wyck
Carlisle, PA, USA
Having owned a long-neglected print of TF Simon,  I have just discovered who he was, and what a marvelous artist he was.  I am happy to have access to this wonderful complete site, so that I can continue to learn more about him, and to have a "gallery" at hand to view his work.  Thank You. 
March 10, 2013
Mr. Christini
Southern Calif, USA
I have enjoyed reading about T F Simon because I just found an original etching print," Antiquarian Booksellers at Notre Dame". And that has lead me to researching his art works. A very talented artist.

January 24, 2013
Daniel Gordon
Florida, USA
  Thanks for your assistance in establishing the history behind my T. F. Simon print AP7 “Baigneuses sur la Plage” #15 dated 06’ as named by the art dealer Sagot and referred to as “Bains de Mer” by T. F. Simon.  Finding the letter from the French art dealer Ed Sagot dated 26 January 07 listing prints on consignment that were sold including the No. 15 copy of Baigneuses sur la Plage was exciting.  Thank you for your efforts in maintaining this important web site which allows research into the artist’s life work and the enjoyment of seeing his work on display. My copy being the only known copy I would love to hear from anyone else who may have a copy of “Baigneuses sur la Plage” aka “Bains de Mer.” Thank you, Daniel Gordon
January5, 2013

Vážení přátelé,
           s velkým obdivem jsem si prohlédl vaše virtuální muzeum, prolezl jsem všechna zákoutí, nadšeně jsem si prohlížel skicy, deníky, životopisné údaje, porovnání portrétů s portrétovanými, obdivoval nádherné tisky Prahy, Paříže a ostatních měst či osob, prohlédl leho rodnou vísku a musím se poklonit vaší píli a důkladosti, se kterou jste to vše dali dohromady a uspořádali, kéž by každý malíř měl takovéto muzeum.
Musím se přiznat, že jsem o malíři Šimonovi moc nevěděl, mám sice jeho knížku o grafice a cestě kolem světa, ale ke čtení jsem se dostal až nyní, když jsem se náhodou o vašem muzeu dozvěděl, oklikou, přes zájem o Huga Boettingera.
Budu vaše muzeum doporučovati všem známým a doufat, že i oni prožijou takovou radost, jako my s manželkou.
Pavel Rak, nyní důchodce z podhůří Železných hor, dříve animátor, karikaturista, ještě dříve konstruktér v Meoptě - ale to už je dávno :-)
Přidám vám alespoň obrázek, který jsem loni posílal k Vánocům a s přáním nového roku 2013. Ať se vám daří.

Pavel Rak enlarge

  New Year 2013
December 30, 2012
Dobrý den, vážení přátelé, Jsme karikaturista, 73 let mladý :-) a prohlížel jsem si na webu obrázky Dr. Desideria - Hugo Boettingera, když jsem se dostal na vaši stránku . vaše webové museum mapující dílo T. F. Šimona, kterého jsem znal jen ze dvou knížek, které mám doma - technika rytin a cesta kolem světa, ale jeho dílo mi bylo prakticky neznámé. Díky Vám jsem objevil nesmírnou krásu, kterou vytvořil a jsme s manželkou úplně unešeni. Líbí se nám i ostatní podsložky - ukazující díla Maxe Švabinského a ostatních českých umělců a také dílo Van Gogha.
I když jsem si myslel, že jeho dílo znám dost podrobně, již roky si prohlížím jeho tvorbu na všech možných webových stránkách, musím uznat, že tak krásně, jak to máte udeláno vy, jsem zatím nikde nenašel.Také se mi líbí, že to máte uděláno v různých světových jazycích a tím pádem to mohu doporučit svým přátelům v cizině.Škoda, že moje tvorba je zaměřena úplně jiným směrem - kreslený humor, takže vám nemohu nijak přispět do vašeho virtuálního muzea… Ještě jednou vřelé díky, za krásu, kterou jste nám pomohli objevit, budu vaši stránku doporučovat všem známým
& Marcela Rakovi

P.S. Také se nám moc líbil ten oddíl, kde srovnáváte jeho dílo s nynějším vzhledem míst.
I když jsem něco opomněl zmínit, tak to neznamená, že by se nám to líbilo méně.
December 2, 2012
Maria Fadeeva
Hello everyone,
I want to thank you for your contribution to our exhibition in Moscow about book architecture, book interventions and other "book" situations. It was opened on 25 november.
November 16, 2012
Brenda Weaver
Orlando, Florida

I really enjoy this website, and I do hope someone most familiar with the Czech language will be encouraged to write about this wonderful artist. THANK YOU for your work in compiling these images and making this site available, it really has been informative for me personally.
Good luck with all, and thank you again.
November 16, 2012
Maria Fadeeva


Q Hello, We are going to make an exhibition about book interventions in public spaces. The exhibition will be a part of Moscow municipal program "Books in parks" and one of the main russian book-fairs "Nonfiction" (http://www.moscowbookfair.ru/eng/about.html). There will be a part with few references from history. And we'll be glad to opportunity to show Paris and its historical book tradition, which is represented so good in Frantisek Simon's drawings. So we'll be appreciated if you can provide us with high-res image of "Bookstalls in Paris"

(An image has been send to Maria)

October 12, 2012
John Pisapia


Thank you
John Pisapia

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo da Vinci

October 5, 2012
Kathy Wandelmaier
Q Hello, Thank you for your informative website. Mr. Simon was a superb artist. I love the fashions of the Edwardian and WW1 eras, so his portraits from those years are especially appealing to me. I have what I believe to be an etching  aquatint of no. 195 (Novak). I have attached a photo of the print and the label from the print shop that framed it. It has since been re-mounted with acid - free backing. I did not do the re-mount, so I do not know the condition of the print other than what can be seen behind the glass. I can tell you that is has faded some. What should be a bright blue roof in the foreground is more of a grey. The entire piece has a brownish cast.
In 2007 an informal appraisal by The Old Print Shop, 150 Lexington Ave., NY  NY put a value of $600 - 1200 if the print were sold here in Connecticut, and $1000 - 1700 if sold in New York City. I do not know if the print was already faded at the time of the appraisal. Can you tell me if these numbers are still accurate?
Thank you for your kind assistance.

Thank you for the information and images, especially the one with the lable of the printshop. We can only tell you that appraisals by gallerieholders and auctions have different results. It is not possible to tell if the appraisal by the gallery you mention is still accurate. Prints by T F Simon are still popular and sought-after. It is a good investment to purchase artworks by this artist if you keep it in fine condition.
September 25, 2012
Tom Yu
Q Hi! Would you please explain to me what is the difference between red stemp and green stemp?
I have the art work number 194 made in 1912 with green stemp.

A The difference is the colour, but it has not a special reason what colour of ink has been used.
September 25, 2012
Thom Gianetto
Q Hello, How can I tell if I have an original T. F. Simon color woodcut from 1909, Quai de Tournelle. It is pencil signed and numbered 136. There is also an embossed mark in the left margin next to the number. It is a circle with printing of various words. I know there are re-strikes or re-proofs, and I just want to know if what I have is an original. It is in an old turn of the century arts & crafts style frame. I will email an image. Thanks for your help. Thom

A You have an Original print by Tavik Frantisek Simon (1877-1942).
Technique:  Colour Softground & Aquatint. Blind stamp of the Paris publisher
Signed in pencil T F Simon. Monogram in the print itself = 19 TFS 09
The number of edition is unknown to us. Arthur Novak made a catalogue in 1937 of Simon's prints as you can see on the TFS site. As this print is not mentioned in the original catalogue it has been added as an Appendix by us. It is a nice print with in the background the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

Thanks for all of this very useful information.
September 17, 2012
Chris Kocsis
Springfield Virginia


Until I saw your site, I had no idea of the tremendous output Simon had. I feel very fortunate to have five of his prints, all original issue, as far as I can tell, and I wish I could see the entire collection in person. As I go through the catalogue each image, whether painting or etching, fills my eyes and my imagination. And your site is so comprehensive. My hat is off to everyone who made this happen. Chris.
September 2, 2012
Robert Farrance
Hello, You have made a wonderful web site, very good. Brian Banks gave me the link. There is so much to see and read. I administer a tribute page for Stefan Zechowski, via Facebook. See here
I have given your web site a mention and will move it back to the top from time to time,
my best wishes, Robert Farrance.
August 28, 2012
Leonard Hemmingway
Q  Hi, I wonder if the artist Simon has been in Sevilla in Spain and when? Does anyone know this.

A Yes. Simon stayed in Sevilla (April 1913) with his wife and daughter Eva on their trip to Marocco.
August 10, 2012
Elleen Harvest
I like the oil-paintings!
July 30, 2012
Edward de Groot
Q Ik heb de pagina in het Nederlands bekeken. De kunstenaar heeft een prachtig schilderij van het strand van Scheveningen gemaakt. Weet iemand waar dit schilderij is?

A Het is tot nu toe alleen bekend dat het schilderij is geveild door het veilinghuis Christies in New York, 25-05-1995.
February 20, 2012
Joseph  Gajzler

Vážený pane Simove! Rád bych Vás upozornil na překlep či chybu ve Vaši prezentaci o Novém Městu nad Metují, kde název umělého jezera u České Skalice  je omylem označeno jako ROZTOŠ MÍSTO správného ROZKOŠ ! To jmého není žádná roztopášnost ale opravdu tak málo dnes společná rozkoš.S pozdravem z Austrálie Novoměstký rodák Joseph Gajzler. http://www.tfsimon.com/nove-mesto-nad-metuji.htm
Thank you for the correction!

February 4
Aileen Raulin

I have a faded print of Quai de la Tournelle in Snow, Paris by TF Simon 1909. Unfortunately it is a re-proof. I found an article in the Montreal Gazette July 28,1916 advertising "About Jacobi Proofs" on pg 10. It states that artists or first proofs are very expensive while the prices of reproofs, a second proof taken from an etched plate, are very moderate- 4.50-7.50. I believe the store selling them was called The Second Floor. My print is faded and it is hard to see the color. Compared to the original, it almost looks like it is black and white. The original of the same print is for sale on ebay for $3500. I am thinking mine may be worth something like $20-50, if that. I enjoyed your site and all the info available about this prolific artist.
Aileen Raulin, USA
This is the info about Jacobi Reproofs sold in Montreal, Canada.
"The Gazette", Montreal, July 28, 1916.
February 3, 2012
Richard Tito

Geachte heer en/of mevrouw. Hier wat informatie over de molenfoto waar u graag van wilde weten welke molen dit is. Het is stellingmolen De Haan te Zaandam Noord-Holland.
Bouwjaar: ? Verbrand (burned down) 2 Aug 1912. Rest gegevens staan in het boekje Zaanstreek in oude ansichten deel 1 nr 30.
Gr Richard Tito
January 29, 2012
Katerina Simonova
Trebechovice pod Orebem.
Q First I want to thank you for the beautiful and helpful web sites. My parents found 2 colour etchings n. 431 and 593 in my grandfather´s house 10 years ago. Unfortunately he didn´t tell us the history of gaining these two works ... His name was Vaclav Simon and he lived in a small town Trebechovice near Hradec Kralove, in the Czech Republic. His father was Josef Simon. I want to ask for more information about our family or contacts...
Best regards,
Mgr. Katerina Simonova.

A For research to find out if your ancestors are from the same Simon family line as the artist, you should contact the State District Archive of Hradec Kralove. On this page you find Simon's genealogy.

Thank you for the link. I am going to find out the rest and let you know.
Katerina Simonova
January 27, 2012


Pierre-Francois Braud


Q Bonjour und hallo de France, bravo pour votre dossier trčs complet sur Vincent ŕ Auvers sur Oise . Que pensez vous de ce portrait présumé de Vincent par Anton Hirschig datant de 1890 ? peut etre le dernier portrait de Vincent avant sa mort ? corrigé par lui ? http://www.flickr.com/photos/49788180@N05/4575391803/
Si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas ŕ me contacter. Cordialement, MFG.

A You should contact the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Hello Bonjour Catharine, MFG is not my name but the abreviation of the german  " mit freudliche Grusse "... I thought you were german, my name is Pierre-Francois Braud ...pierre francois like in the french movie " les enfants du paradis " of Marcel Carné 1945 the surname of the anarchist killer Lacenaire. More seriously I have already contacted the VGM  in Amsterdam and they have officially replied  in 2005 ( on photo analysis ! ) that "based on stylistic grounds it's our opinion this work of art cannot be attributed to Vincent Van Gogh" but quid of the man sketched on this drawing ? Best regards, Pfb.

It is not to me to conclude if the portrait shows Van Gogh (Goch), drawn by Anton (Tom) Hirschig, signed and dated '90. But it is most interesting because Hirschig, a Dutch painter (Naarden1867-Alkmaar1939), stayed in Auberge Ravoux at the time of Van Gogh's death, his room was on the same floor on the attic
Try to contact the Netherlands Institute for Art History.http://english.rkd.nl

Merci, I have contacted the Insititute in the meantime on your advise.

                                                           2  0 1 2

December 5, 2011
Dr. Geoffrey Simon
Raleigh, NC
Thank you so much for this informative and beautifully-constructed site!
It has enabled me to identify four T.F. Simon prints just acquired (Novak #s 357, 388, 420, and 438). 
November 14, 2011
Petr Walder

  Hello, Very nice web site! I collect graphic from T.F.Simon. It is inspiring to
me. I send photo N 610! I wish you much success.
With respect, Mgr. Petr Walder.

September 16, 2011
Christine von der Linn

New York City
Thank you for your beautiful and helpful web site. Here at Swann Galleries Auction House in New York City, where I am specialist of art and illustrated books, I just catalogued a lovely original sketchbook of Simon from1914 similar to those on your site, along with other Czech avant-garde pieces for our November 8th sale. Swann Auction Galleries. www.swanngalleries.com
September 3, 2011
Paul van Duin
Hoi Emilie. Professor Koloman, ik vermoed dat dit Koloman Moser (Wenen 1868-1918) is. Hij heeft de Wiener Werkstätte opgezet in 1903. Een belangrijke medewerker was de Tsjechische schilder en etser  Emil Orlik (1870 Praag-1932 Berlijn). Emil Orlik staat trouwens vermeld in het gastenboek (1898) van Hotel Spaander in Volendam.
September 2, 2011
Emilie van Doornik
Katwijk aan Zee
De kunstenaar T F Simon staat niet in de lijst van kunstenaars vermeld die verblijf hadden in Katwijk aan Zee. Ene prof. Koloman, lijkt mij van Tsjechische afkomst, is opgenomen in de lijst. Als een kunstenaar langer dan een dag verbleef in een plaats dan moest dit bij de plaatselijke autoriteiten wordt doorgegeven.
August 23, 2011
Kathy Gregory
  Q Hello, My father recently gave me 4 framed pieces of artwork I have fallen in LOVE with, especially since my visit to Paris and falling in love with everything there.  They were given to him and he has no information on them, however I think they are etchings of T.F.Simon. It is a collection of different views of  Notre Dame and in the bottom right of each written in pencil is ND De La Broye.  While the etchings are intact and in good shape, I have not looked at the back as there seems to have been some sort of damage to the frames and coverings so I am cautious about opening up the back to get a better look. I do not see them in your Original Catalogue Raisonné and was wondering if you could confirm they are indeed some of his work. 

I’ve attached pictures for your review.  The photos themselves are not of the best quality.  I have asked someone with a talent for taking photos of artwork to come in and photograph them for me. Also, as I was reading comments from others who enjoy his work and was surprised to find reference to members of his family visiting or residing in Detroit, Michigan as these 4 pieces of work were originally sold by Grinnell Bros. Fine Arts Gallery in Detroit, Michigan.   The stickers noting the gallery have fallen off with age, but I was able to salvage two of them.Your website is wonderful and I am enjoying reading and re-reading his biography and looking at all his work. Thanks so much, Kathy Gregory.

A Thank you for sending all the images, but the four prints you have are not by the artist T F Simon.

August 12, 2011
Emilie van Doornik
Katwijk aan Zee
Den Haag is uiteraard geschikt daarvoor. Ideaal als het Museum dan een boek uitgeeft met mooie foto's van de tentoongestelde etsen en schilderijen. Maar waar moet je die kunstwerken vandaan halen? Zal wel een lange termijn project worden voordat zoiets tot stand komt, zeker is dat het bezoekers zal boeien. Katwijk heeft een museum, het organiseert geregeld tentoonstellingen. Zal zeker even kijken of ze daar informatie hebben over Tsjechische kunstenaars. Kupka heeft in Nederland gewoond, verder heb ik geen idee. Slot, groet Emilie.
August 11, 2011
Paul van Duin
Ha Emilie, dat zal ik binnenkort doen. Trouwens jij  kunt in het Museum van Katwijk navraag doen, misschien is daar iets te vinden over Tsjechische kunstenaars. Iemand schrijft in dit gastenboek dat een tentoonstelling in het Gemeente Museum van Den Haag een idee is, lijkt mij ook wel een geschikte locatie voor een tentoonstelling voor deze kunstenaar.
August 10, 2011
Emilie van Doornik
Katwijk aan Zee
Hallo Paul, zou wel leuk zijn als je de namen van die Tsjechen op deze pagina vermeld. Ik ben namelijk heel benieuwd.
August 6, 2011
Paul van Duin
T F Simon wordt niet vermeld in de lijst die Emilie bedoelt, er staan wel enkele Tsjechische kunstenaars in vermeld. Groet Paul.
July 29, 2011
Emilie van Doornik
Katwijk aan Zee
Met interesse heb ik deze site over T F Simon bekeken, ik had nog niet eerder van deze kunstenaar geweten. De strandscčnes zijn prachtig. Je kunt wellicht informatie vinden over Simon zijn verblijf in Nederland bij Pulchri in Den Haag of in het archief van het Museum van de gemeente Zandvoort, daar is een lijst in te zien van kunstenaars uit het buitenland die in Zandvoort verbleven in het begin van de 20ste eeuw. Misschien is zijn naam niet in de lijst te vinden, U kunt Uw eigen gegevens doorgeven om die aan de lijst toe te voegen, en is het een idee om te kijken of er andere Tsjechische kunstenaars worden genoemd. Succes!
June 15, 2011
D. Kenneth Mahoney


I am absolutely amazed at the amount of works T.F SIMON produced and what wonderful creations they are. I am an artist myself and also a painting restorer, so I am always in and out of galleries and shops. Twenty years ago, I saw this beautiful colored etching in a small village antique shop. I could not take my eyes off it and I returned to the shop three times to see it again. I finally purchased it with what smalls fund I had at that time. Since that time, each day I look at it and appreciate it more and more. The work is: BOULEVARD SAINT-MARTIN IN WINTER, PARIS.  Just today I found your website and it has greatly expanded my world. Is it possible to purchase T.F.SIMON works presently for I would like to acquire another. A wonderful artist and website. Thank You, D. Kenneth Mahoney
Mai 2, 2011
Franky Leeuwerck

  You run a very interesting website about the life and works of T.F. Šimon. The site also contains information about the life and works of Cyril Bouda. I collect antique bond and share certificates and I am also running an international blog on this topic. One of my next topics is about the bond designed by Cyril Bouda.
Best regards, Franky Leeuwerck.
April 28, 2011
René Schober
Austria/ Vienna

  Q Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich bin auf angehängtes Blatt per Zufall gestoßen. Können Sie mir bestätigen, dass es sich dabei um eine Grafik von T.F. Simon handelt? Vielen Dank Mit freundlichen Grüßen, René Schober. Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. http://www.uni-ak.ac.at/sammlung

A Ja, diese Grafik ist einer der Künstler T.F. Simon. Novak 223, Old lime tree in a storm, 1914. 
April 27, 2011
Janice Richey
Q In response to your comment January 10, 2010 to Mr. Bill Barkeley - Bill is my cousin and I had the same information about our grandmother's uncle being Tavik Frantisek Simon. I am wondering how you concluded that he was not Olga Simon Barkeley's uncle. Also, could you provide some information about TF Simon's exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts? I believe it was in the 1920's some time. I thought I understood that TF Simon brought many of his etchings/paintings to the DIA and those paintings that were not sold, were given to his brother. Antonin Simon had several sons as well as his daughter Olga and many of the etchings/paintings were given to Antonin's children over the years, which is why we believed the men were related. Janice Richey.

A Thank you for recalling this question on Antonin Simon. We were once informed by family of  T.F. Simon that Tavik's brother Antonin Simon and wife had many children, unfortunately no further information is known to us about their children. We would appreciate if you could give us more info on this genealogy to solve the mistery.
From Mr. Bill Barkeley we learned that the father of Olga is born in the late 80's 19th century. Antonin Simon, Tavik's brother is born in 1867 in Zeleznice/ Bohemia. Please, if possible, can you send us genealogical information on your Simon family and maybe you can even find old photo's of Simon's visit to your family in Detroit or other that is of interest? We hope to add Information on Simon's exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the 20's later when we have detailed information.

UPDATE: november 2018, Update: from Daniel Barkeley we learned recently that Olga Šimon was a niece of the artist, as her father Antonin was a brother of Tavik František Šimon. So, Bill Barkeley's information is correct.
On sunday 17 1927 the artist met his brother Antonin in Detroit.   Notebook 1927/ 28.
March 30, 2011
Andalucia/ Spain

I am from Ronda and I have just discovered TF Simon. The painting he did when he pass through my town in 1913 are Really amazing! Vanessa

March 22, 2011
John Hussey
Dear Sir/ Madam. I live in Liverpool and I am writing a book on behalf of the Walker Art Gallery on the life of Margaret Bernadine Hall, a Liverpool artist.  I am a great admirer of both Tavik and your fantastic website which is a favourite of mine.
Februari 27, 2011
Tom van Heel
Nederland/ Haarlem
Q Het is jammer dat de buttons bovenin de hoofdpagina zijn verwijderd, kan de link naar de catalogue raisonné herstelt worden, en tevens die naar de pagina's met kleine foto's van grafieken en schilderijen? Groet, Tom

A Ja, er zijn enkele buttons weer geplaatst bovenin de hoofdpagina.
January 28, 2011
Office de Tourisme
d'Ault (-Onival)
Normandy (France)

  The 'Office de Tourisme d'Ault (-Onival)' added information about the artist to their recently launched website and created this wonderful picture.
January 10, 2011
Alexander Amory
Northbrook, IL USA
  Q I was wondering if you could help me with this print I currently own. I am looking for the name and if there is a current market for the artist. There is a stamp that runs down the left hand side which is J.W. Zanders in a somewhat block style lettering. I have included a picture. Thank you for your help. Alex


Name of the print: l'Épicerie (Grocer), Paris
You can find this print in the catalogue raisonné
as number 1928AP2.
Technique: colour softground and aquatint. Printed on J.W. Zanders / Holland paper.

The value of a Simon print depends on the subject and the condition of the artwork. A sellingprice depends by whom and where it is for sale or offered in auction. Simon's artworks are highly sought after by collectors of art.
January 6, 2011
Tom van Heel
Nederland/ Haarlem
De beste wensen alsnog voor het nieuwe jaar. Inmiddels heb ik gezien dat de Nederlandse versie van de biografie bijna klaar is. Mooi gedaan! Tom
January 3, 2011
Mark Toothman
Q Hello and Thank You for your kindness in providing your page for questions and comments. I recently acquired a T F Simon etching proof that I am very fond of but have so far been unable to date it's production. A card attached to the back  lists the title as Prague, Bohemia and appears to state that it was a Christmas present to someone in 1933. Attached are photos of the etching and the card.  Can you please pass along any information that might help me to pinpoint when in Mr. Simon created this lovely piece. Many Thanks, Markum
A This print is listed in the catalogue raisonné  as number 406- 1924 (state II): Silhouette of Hradcany (the castle of Prague) in the evening. The photo of the interesting card is to small. Can you provide us a larger one so that we can read the text on it?
Hello again Catharine. Many Thanks for your courtious and very helpful reply with the additional information on my etching.Here is a larger photo of the card/label that was attached to my etching. Upon closer inspection it is actually a paper label attached to a heavy brown paper that was most likely used as backing on an original or older mount. The pencil at the top reads " For M.E.R. Xmas 1933 From Mother". The very faint pencil at the bottom is hard to make out but the last word is "Prague". 
My original thought was that this card/label was that of a reseller but I'd truly value your opinion on whether you feel Mr. Simon may have also been connected to it as well. Also attached here is a close up photo of the monogram in green with a number in pencil beside it. That number is also rather faint but appears to be "772". Since only 300 prints were produced it must signify something else and I'd surely appreciate any knowledge that you can pass along as to it's meaning.
Again, Many Thanks for your dedication to helping others share, learn more about, and enjoy T F Simon's works. Best Wishes In The New Year. Markum.

The lable is an original one from the time that the print was produced.
The number of this print is 112.

Happy 0 New 1 Year 1

December 25, 2010
Linda Yvette
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 13, 2010
S. Pavel

The Netherlands/

I just want to inform you that I have just visited the web-site www.tfsimon.com/hugo_boettinger.htm. The reason of my visit was that I possess a picture by Hugo Boettinger, who was the friend of Tavik František Šimon. I have discovered this picture (see attachments) several months ago. This is an inheritance from my father. The picture was a gift to Mr. F. Ulricht, the well-known Mayor of the city Hradec Kralové. I intend to offer this picture to a museum in Hradec Kralové.

December 10, 2010
Philip Lee
Q Greetings Ms. Bentinck -
I have just discovered your excellent page dedicated to Van Gogh's final days. The images on this page are of the highest quality I have seen on the Internet. May I ask: Do you know how can I obtain digital images of all of Van Gogh's works in this fantastic quality? For me, Van Gogh is the greatest artist of all time. To possess such a resource would be a dream come true.
Thank you very much - Philip Lee

A It is good to know that you like the page on Van Gogh. There is no source online to obtain high quality digital images of all the artist's work as far as we know.
December 2, 2010
Jonne Severijn


Zeer Geachte Mevrouw Bentinck,
Brian Banks maakte mij enige tijd geleden attent op uw website gewijd aan Frantisek Simon. Aanvankelijk heb ik er alleen maar even vluchtig naar gekeken, maar een vroeg invallende winter gaf mij ruim de tijd om de site en het imaginair museum in alle rust nader te beschouwen. Ik schrijf u omdat ik niet alleen zeer verrukt en onder de indruk ben van Simon's werken, maar minstens evenzeer van de liefdevolle toewijding waarmee deze site is samengesteld. Wat een schitterend eerbetoon aan deze kunstenaar! Het kan aan mij liggen, maar nog niet eerder zag ik een zo volledig en door de veelal forse afbeeldingformaten indringend overzicht van een heel kunstenaarsleven op een website. Heel bijzonder. Een plek om met grote regelmaat naar terug te keren. Dank u zeer dat u dit aan het bedreigde diersoort 'kunstliefhebber' hebt willen geven. 

Met de meeste hoogachting,
Jonne Severijn
scenarioschrijver - regisseur
November 2, 2010
Rosemary Yeoland

  Q I read with interest the comments on this page of the arrival of Camille Mauclair with Henri Le Sidaner in Prague. Camille Mauclair was the subject of my doctoral thesis (from a musical perspective) and he often talked fondly of his trips to Prague  and the Czechoslovakian composers, particularly  Frédéric Smetana. I wonder if there is a copy of "Arrival of Camille Mauclair in Prague" by Hugo Boettinger (1907) available for viewing?

This is the drawing by Hugo Boettinger showing Camille Mauclair's arrival in Prague in 1907.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and I'm delighted with the sketch. Mauclair appears to be rather large in size... at the time this was sketched... most images I have seen of him are only of him as a younger man... It is fascinating 'linking up' the threads from the past... i.e. the various connections between these interesting characters. Paragraph on Mauclair.
October 20, 2010
Ivan Kubinek
Czechia/ Prague
  Q First of all I would like to thank you for the great work, which is represented by TFSimon website. I really appreciate your effort to discovery and complete presentation of amazing work of the Czech artist T.F.Simon. I have a small collection of his early prints.
I was very surprised when I detected that one of my print isn't listed in the catalogue! It is very similar to No. 1916 AP2 (Impression of the sea I) but with small differences and in different dimensions 95mm x 109mm. I attach the photograph. Maybe it helps you to complete the catalogue with new unknown work. If you could add some comments related to this print I would appreciate it.

A It is much appreciated to receive your photo and information. Your print is listed in the meantime on the website as Novak 1916 AP6.
September 16, 2010
Ellen Cuiperi
Holland/ Den Haag
Bedankt voor het maken van deze website. Ik kijk geregeld, en met genoegen! Misschien kan er een Simon tentoonstelling worden georganiseerd in Nederland, bijvoorbeeld in Den Haag!
August 22, 2010
Rochelle Fletcher
Q Aloha. Several years ago, my mother gave me a print that she had bought at a garage sale for $4.  It is T F Simon's "Notre Dame in the Evening", signed and numbered.  She gave it to me because I love France and have a collection of prints and watercolours of Paris. A few days ago, I decided to check on the artist and discovered he had done numerous paintings and drawings. Attached is a photo. The print is in beautiful condition and my mother (who has been a antique collector for 50 years) believes it is in the original frame. I couldn't get a good photo of the print # but it is #206. I was wondering if you could provide me with any information. The internet is very limited. Many mahalos, Rochelle Fletcher. So glad the print made it from California to Hawaii were I live.

A That was an excellent purchase! It is one of the nicest prints by the artist. Enjoy it! Your print is listed in the catalogue raisonné: Novak 464. Title: Notre-Dame the Paris in the evening. Colour softground  & aquatint– 304x374mm. Edition of 100 prints; 50 were published by R. Lesch, New York.
August 15, 2010
Mandy Cruickshank
Q A wonderful site! I found the Van Gogh section to be highly useful as it clearly shows brush strokes and palette. May I ask if there are any plans for more Van Gogh please? We bought a badly-described painting from an auction in France last year that is a 19th century oil painting of the Crau but a version of the one he called Peach Trees in Blossom. The back has hand writing on the piece of wood and when I looked at the photo of the back of the 2nd bedroom one he did, that the VG Museum were restoring, I could see and identical back - with handwriting too! They were also cleaning off some yellowy varnish which ours also has. So interesting. If you would like to have a look at a photo of it I would be delighted to email you one?

Also, I don't know if this is of any interest to you but we also have managed to acquire a portrait of Vincent that was drawn in pastels by an artist neighbour of his when he was on Rue Laval (which changed it's name to Rue Victor Massé) in Paris. They lived just 4 doors apart. Again it was badly described and we paid low for it but it is truly amazing! It shows so many things about him, including the Bible he painted and the crumpled top hat he sketched. Even his boots could be the ones he painted? His quill is in the background (when everyone else was using pens) and his trousers are rolled up like Dutch workers'. If you would like to see a photo of this too and even include either of them on your site you are welcome to. It is all so very interesting and it would be great for other people to be able to see them. Please do let me know what you think.
Thanks again for your great site!

A For expertise you should contact the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Q Thank you for the reply. We have indeed contacted the Van Gogh Museum who are looking at the photos of both pictures now. The portrait is what it is - a portrait of Van Gogh by his neighbour Jeanne Donnadieu. The other one needs authenticating but at the moment we can find no reason to doubt it's authenticity as it is most definitely a 19th century oil and it is most definitely the Crau, Peach Trees in Blossom. The back is the same as his bedroom painting. Who copied him back then? If this isn't truly him then it is the most incredible fake I have seen and I have spent the last year and a half living Vincent Van Gogh, staring day after day at each of his paintings, staring at fakes, and even went to the exhibition in London where I was able to stand nose close to his paintings....for which I was severely told off for!! This is why I have loved looking at your close up photos of his art. I still continue my research and refer to colours, technique, impasto etc etc etc. You know how it is? I virtually have van Gogh vision now! :-)

Anyway, the reason I contacted you was to see if you wanted to have a look or even put photos onto your site with the information we have acquired so that people can enjoy the curiosity of it? The portrait is not in dispute but The Crau one is. It would be such an exciting thing for people to wait it out alongside us, for the results. People may also throw in some remarks or input of some kind that could help? It is all so interesting! So please do let me know. I can send you photos and details. It is fun sharing these things with people who care and are passionate about such subjects too.

A Sure, you can send us the photos of the pastel, we are curious to see the artwork of the French female artist Jeanne Donnadieu.

  Q Here is the portrait. We recognised it as being Vincent but it was only sold as a 19th Century pastel of a man.

A The pastel seems to be an original artwork by the artist Jeanne Donnadieu. If  you ever get the result, the question if it shows Van Gogh, let us know. Thank you for sharing your photos.

February 5, 2012: www.vincentvangoghportrait.com
July 28, 2010
Pam Schwartz


I have had a drawing of the Charles Bridge for many years not being able to find out anything about the artist.  I am very pleased to see the many, many  works of T.F. Simon. You have done a fantastic job and I commend you for all your work. I love my drawing from 1919 of the Charles Bridge. 
Pam from Fort Myers Beach Florida

July 15, 2010
Sue Johnston
I found your website while researching T. F. Simon.  I acquired a colour etching by Simon, Marche St. Nicolas, Prague (98291?). It is signed in Pencil with the title written in pencil as well as his stamp. I am looking for any information on the piece. 
June 28, 2010
Larry Colbert


Q First, let me thank you for a wonderful website. I have become very fond of Mr. Simon’s work since my mother left me one of his paintings before her death. I have, what I think is an etching. I have attached some pictures of the piece in the hope that you can provide me with more information about it. There are two stamps and the numbering reads 1/. I’m wondering if this is something like a “gallery proof”. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have on this beautiful picture. Thank you for your time. Please keep working on the website as I visit it quite frequently.

  A Artist's Proof: impressions for the use of the artist outside of the regular edition. (Also E.A. - Épreuve d'Artiste).  Your print is a proof by the artist (épr. d'artiste). In general the artist himself is present at the time of making a proof before the final publication of the print and numbering of the edition. Proofs can be signed in pencil with the signature of the artist and in this case on the left side is written in pencil 'épreuve d'artiste'.  A proof does not always have to be numbered, we cannot see that yours is numbered.

Title: Pont Sully in winter, Paris. Novak 442, 1926. Color softground and aquatint.  See on the website the explanation of these terms: http://tfsimon.com/Graphic-List.html

June 27, 2010
Sam Garcia
I think you've done a good thing by building your site--I, for one,  would have been completely ignorant of this artist had I not stumbled upon your site. Thanks--I enjoyed this artist's work and am pleased to have discovered it via your dedicated activities. Sam Garcia
June 26, 2010
Tom van Heel
Nederland/ Haarlem
Q Goedendag. Ik geniet regelmatig van deze website. Het zou wellicht een goede aanvulling zijn indien U een biografie over de kunstenaar in het Nederlands publiceert voor de niet Engelstaligen onder ons :-). Bent U dat van plan? Mijn dank, Tom.

A In het diepe najaar van 2010 wordt de biografie in het Nederlands gepubliceerd!
June 1, 2010
Stéphanie Cedrone

Merci pour votre site, si riche et complet, qui m'a permis de découvrir un grand artiste !
Tous ces dessins et peintures inspirés du monde entier sont un vrai plaisir pour les yeux... T.F. Simon mériterait en effet d'ętre plus connu !Je ne peux que vous souhaiter une bonne continuation pour votre superbe site :). Cordialement, Stéphanie
May 28, 2010
Branko Zivadinovic
Q Thanks to your site, I am delighted to have found out that I am a proud owner of oneof T. F. Simon's graphics. It is listed under no. 305. Convalescent. His red logo is in the lower left corner, and pencil signed on the right hand side. I would be grateful if you could let me know how many copies were made. Your web site is excellent. Keep up with good work ! Thank you, Branko Zivadinovic

A Dear Branko. As noticed in the Catalogue Raisonné 10 copies were published in private by the artist, and an unknown number of copies were published in Art magazine Hollar. Yours is rare: signed in pencil and the logo in red.
May 20, 2010
Hello. I´m just writing to say thank you from Brazil :)
This site is for sure one of the best about an artist. Thank you again.
May 19, 2010
Georges Lévy

Je vous remercie, moi simple passant,  de m'avoir fait découvrir ce Génie de la Litho et de m'avoir ainsi gratifié de ce grand bonheur que l'on éprouve devant la beauté de l'oeuvre prolixe de T.F. Simon.
May 4, 2010
Jeanie Oliver
Q Hello, I have an original etching from T.F. it is called Tropical Wood. There is a card paper clipped to it that reads: an original etching, the entire edition of which has been published only for the friends of Rudolf Lesch fine arts. This piece is in excellent condition it appears to be on 8x10 paper with a border that indents into the paper, by the artists hand it is signed. Can anyone tell me what the value of something like this would be or whom of interest?  I would be happy to send a picture of it.  Thank you.



(June 28. This print is sold by Jeanie in the meantime).
April 12, 2010
Pavel Novotný

Czech rep.
comment to the picture "Helmovy mlýny" is not correct.
On the picture is north part of the houses 1225 and 1226 in Barvírská
ulice (houses from 14.th. century do not exist anymore and river bed of Vltava is now aprox. 150 m northern) - On the recent map see (park) eastern  part of street
Lannova (between Barvírská and Holbova str.).
Novak 86, 1908.
Right part of Šimon´s picture shows "Nové mlýny ", on your map Nr. 1242 (Baborský mlýn and Veselský mlýn) - also today it does not exist anymore - now western part of park Lannova, in front of the Post stamp Museum....Thank you for the very nice web presentation.

Dear Pavel Novotny,
Cordial thanks! for the identification of the exact location of this print.
We have added your information and images to the
page with the comparison photos
April 2, 2010
A wonderful and prolific artist, unknown to me until now.
April 2, 2010
Nick Higbee

    I recently bought a copy of Oriental Sketches at auction and since then have become very interested in his work. Fantastic web site !

March 21, 2010
Brad Cowen
Q I have a T.F Simon print number 906, signed and on the back there is a label that says "On the Canal-Amsterdam", original etching by T.F Simon. My mother in law received it from her mother some time ago and my wife had it placed in a new frame. Can someone tell me if this is a desirable piece. It is hanging in my living room now and I really like it. I have looked at other Simons and I like his work. Thanks for any info you can share.

A Dear Brad Cowen. It is a pleasure to receive your message, but please can you send us a digital image of the artwork you have to identify which Simon print it is. We need to verify the print and 'number 906' that you mention.


Thank you for the image. In the Catalogue Raisonné you can find that this print is listed as N117/ year 1909. Title: Old Houses in Amsterdam. It is an original etching and printed in an edition of 150 prints. Your artwork is signed in pencil T. F. Simon, numbered 106. The location in Amsterdam is: Oudezijds Achterburgwal, in the center of the oldest part of the city.  

 March 20, 2010
Yann Farinaux
Le Sidaner




Q May I tell you all my pleasure to discover your magnificent Imaginary Web Museum, the richest website I ever seen about an artist.
As the great-grand-son of the painter Henri Le Sidaner, and the author of the Catalogue Raisonné Le Sidaner-L’Oeuvre peint et gravé edited in 1989, I am currently publishing Paysages Intimes, a comprehensive book on Henri Le Sidaner. This very rich book is organized with 22 chapters, each one being a place the artist has painted and loved. It will take us on journey through older France and towards further landscapes he cherished.
I relate the journey Le Sidaner made to Prague (with the writer Camille Mauclair) in May 1907. Auguste Rodin told them: « Allez-y. Vous verrez, ils nous aiment. »The society Manes had offered to the painter an exhibition shared with the Sculptor, Louis Dejean.

They were so happy to be so welcomed. « Les tableaux sont placés dans un cadre charmant », wrote Le Sidaner to his friend Duhem, « nous avons été reçus avec Mauclair comme des ministres. Nous voyageons toute la journée en voiture municipale, visite de la ville, musée, théâtre, musique de chambre, banquet ! Tout cela me fait supposer que je suis devenu vieux, je ne veux jamais le croire. »  Mauclair wrote they met in Prague artists like T.F. Simon, Boettinger, Preisler, Svabinsky, Kafka, Strimpl… « Tous des artistes généreux aimant la France. »

I was happily surprised to discover in your website, a portrait of my great-grand-father by Hugo Boettinger, and another drawing showing Mauclair. I have another little portrait Boettinger offered to Le Sidaner. My publisher has it now. I will ask him this Monday to send me a scan for you. May I ask you if the Boettinger’s drawings could offer more memories of their encounter? Or if you know any other source which could describe their relations? I have some photographies showing Strimpl and his wife in Le Sidaner’s garden in Gerberoy. Would you know if any other Czech artist went in Gerberoy?

A Dear Yann Fariaux Le Sidaner. It is an honour to receive a message from the
great-grandson of the French painter Henri Le Sidaner.
The impressive exhibition in 1902 of August Rodin's artworks, 88 sculptures and 75 drawings, was hold shortly before the Society Manes organized an exhibition with French art of painters as Bernard and Le Sidaner. The Czech artist Josef Maratka was a pupil of Rodin, he and Alfons Mucha were able to push Rodin to show his sculptures in Prague and even in other places in the country. Several articles by the author Camille Mauclair were published (translated) in the art magazine 'Volny Smery' starting 20th century. Max Svabinsky's album 'Summer' with etchings includes a preface by Mauclair. This artist made a portrait (drawing) of Rodin in 1902.
The exhibition in Prague of Le Sidaner shared with Dejean was hold in 1907. One issue of Volny Smery,1907 XXII, is totally dedicated to this exhibition. It must have been a real happening when Mauclair and Le Sidaner arrived in Prague,  welcomed with great enthusiasm by their colleagues. It is interesting to know you are preparing the chapter for your book dedicated to Le Sidaner's journey to Prague.

The two drawings by Hugo Boettinger (1880-1934) of 'Henry le Sidaner' (chalk, 1907-16,4x10,8cm) and 'arrival of Camille Mauclair in Prague' (pencil, 1907- 33,5x24,9cm) were both exhibited in Prague in 1958 (National Gallery), where an extended exhibition of 225 artworks by the artist was organized. Boettinger had contact within the circle of visual arts, music, and literature.
-Unfortunately other artworks by the artist or sources are not known to us that could offer memories of the encounter of Le Sidaner. Maybe you should find correspondences of Czech artists in Prague in the archives.
There are no records known to us if other Czech artists went in Gerberoy.

We are looking forward with great curiosity to receive the image of the portrait by Hugo Boettinger that was offered by him to Le Sidaner.

If someone who reads this message has information on Czech artists who went in Gerberoy or sources that shows memories of the encounter of Le Sidaner please let us know.

March 20, 2010
Henk van de Merwe

The Netherlands
As a pure amateur, I was really happy to come across TF. Simon last year, where I could use his paintings and drawings in a fanfic-project. A virtual journey from Paris to Amsterdam, which was very inspiring and educating, thanks to this website.
March 2, 2010
John Waldman, M.D.
I am sincerely grateful to all those that participated in the creation of this wonderful website as well as those readers who responded so thoughtfully and individually. My admiring comments about this great artist would be a regurgitation of what has already been said, except perhaps to say that his graphic images, mainly of Paris, remind us of a civilization now long past, and which, despite its own imperfections, was a sincere and glorious one.
February 28, 2010
Raymond Siebesma
The Netherlands
Hi, I am the webmaster from http://Vincent-van-Gogh.Beginthier.nl .
I have gladly added your Internet website to our directory, and would appreciate it if you also will give a text back link towards my page. Thank you kindly for your effort.
February 28, 2010
Donald Rhodes

Q I have 2 T.F. Simon prints, one is #114 and the other is #107. They are signed T.F. Simon in the lower right corner, and E. Jacobs in the lower left corner. Above Jacobs name they are marked re-proof. Above Simons name one is stamped Campbell Art Company. What does re-proof mean, and why are there 2 signatures? I am sure as thorough as this site is you will surely be able to answer my question. p.s. does thing make them any more or less desirable, or does it matter? Thanks in advance, Don

A Dear Donald Rhodes. A re-proof print is printed from a metal plate (the etched and engraved surface upon which the image is made) and while the paper upon which the image is transferred is still wet and the ink is also still wet, that “proof” is run back through the press with another piece of paper on top of it. The resulting re-transfer causes the mirror image to be flipped and appear exactly the same as the image on the original engraved plate.

E.Jacobi probably was the author of the copy, whose signature is in the left corner. Maybe  someone who reads this message, can give us the answer about that mysterious signature.
There have been made we presume quite a number of facsimiles of Simons prints, as we received several photos of prints like yours, signed Jacobi or E.Jacobi, copied in the 20's and 30's of the last century. Mostly with this re-proof process the signature of the artist has been copied as well. Re-proof prints are less desirable.

SEE ALSO JULY 13, 2017
February 13, 2010
Clem Egan

A Simon print*) hung in my mother's living room for over fifty years and none of us knew anything about it. I took it to Antiques Roadshow in Palm Springs and they identified it as a Simon, which led me to this excellent website. What a marvellous artist - I hope in years to come he'll be more widely known. Thank you so much for all your hard work; it's rare to find such a comprehensive and well-organized site.
*) Soup Kitchen in Paris executed in 1927
February 9, 2010
Hannes Keller
You did great work to enrich the world in which we live.
It is as if I was strolling through a great landscape together with T.F. Simon, looking around and wondering about many things, talking about this and that. A joyful day with good feelings!
http://visipix.dynalias.com/sites-en/arthighlights/  (Not available any more).
January 29, 2010
John Geller
I found this site extremely helpful in my research of a signed print I have of TF Simon. The signature information on this website was what first identified the print.
It was also very nice that email to the "contact" were promptly answered with expert information.
January 20, 2010
Dyan Law
I'm a fine artist and art educator living in Pennsylvania, USA and also the PA State Ambassador of the Portrait Society of America.  My love of beautiful portrait work and other rich subject matter, is exemplified on this most amazing website. I am fortunate to learn more about the work of T.F. Simon and have growing appreciation of the Czech artists as a whole. How very inspiring to observe such "proficiency and passion" from the works and those who have assembled this site for all to enjoy!  Thank you.
January 16, 2010
Veit Feger

Meine herzliche Bewunderung für diese Ihre fabelhafte Website!
In ihr steckt ungeheuer viel Arbeit  - und Respekt vor der Arbeit des böhmischen Künstlers Simon.
Für mich ist diese Site  auch deshalb sehr interessant, weil sie nacherleben und erkennen lässt, wie sehr bestimmte Kunststile zu einer bestimmten Zeit in der abendländischen Kultur gewissermaßen universell waren, in "kleinen" Ländern nicht anders als in (kunstgeschichtlich viel eher behandelten) Ländern wie Frankreich, England, Deutschland.
Ich denke: Es war ein zwar spätes, aber doch auch großes Glück für Simon, dass er eine solch engagierte Promulgatorin seines Oevres bekommen hat.
Mit Dank, Bewunderung, Respekt:
Veit Feger.
January 10, 2010
Bill Barkeley

Q My grandmother Olga Šimon Barkeley died last Wednesday at the age of 102. Sadly, it was not until the funeral yesterday that I found out that her father was the brother of Tavik if I have the information correct. My grandmother had 3 of his lithographs over her sofa for over 50 yrs and we never really knew until she mentioned the story of his visits to Detroit 2x in the early 20th century. The work is impressive and hard to believe that we have such a close connection to him. We will be looking for some art to acquire. My wife and I love bridges and are wondering if there is any of his work of San Francisco out there. It holds a special place in our hearts as one of our homes and we'd love to have something done by him. Thanks for the wonderful web site we learned so much!

A Antonin Franti
šek Šimon (*Železnice 01-01-1867) was the eldest brother of the artist who emigrated to the U.S.A. in the early 20th century and lived in Detroit with his family.
April 2, 2010. After we compared file details on Antonin Simon with Mr. Barkeley's information, we are not sure if the father of Olga Simon was Tavik's brother, although they have the same name.

Update: november 2018, from Daniel Barkeley we learned recently that Olga Šimon was a niece of the artist, as her father Antonin was a brother of Tavik František Šimon. Bill Barkeley's information is correct.
January 4, 2010
Zbynęk Svoboda
I found this website several years ago and since then I have spent many happy hours reading articles and looking at the incomparable catalog of graphical artworks by TFS. What a treasure for a collector or just a fan! Who can really imagine the time and effort necessary to create this? Many thanks again, Catharine!
December 29, 2009
Ed Schneider
Catharine, you've provided the world with a wonderful website, sharing the brilliance of Šimon with us all. Thanks.
December 29, 2009
Quay Brothers
We are writing to you [thanks to our dear friend Brian Banks] to compliment you [and your team] on your fabulous work on T.F. Šimon . We were lamentably and shamefully unaware of his work and my brother and I tend to pride ourselves on knowing maverick artists from Eastern Europe. We send you our deepest gratitude and thanks for all your work [and continued work!] and very best and warmest wishes for the coming New Years. Very sincerely yours.
December 28, 2009
James Scroggs
Congratulations and thank you. Your website is a marvellous tribute to a great artist whose graphic work may well be without equal.
December 27, 2009
Brian R.Banks
It is always a rare joy to discover a completely 'new' art and artist, one who has scandalously (through originality) escaped the myopic arbiters of culture, much to their detriment. Perhaps because his art fuses the visual with the deeply poetic, which therefore crosses borders and the parameters of curriculum, like spirits regarding science. The opportunity to share the results of his vision is singularly thanks to the webmaster of this site, for whom said spirits will--one trusts-- more than make up for the neglect of their pre-states. True, gloriously bountiful art is fortunate to be passed on through such caring hands. Thank you!
December 27, 2009
Petr Pokorný

Greetings to all fans of Tavík František Šimon! Have a wonderful new year with images of this artist.
December 26, 2009
Catharine Bentinck
Dear Friends! The team of this website let you all know our appreciation for your attention and images we received in the past years and above all: inspiration to build up this website. Special thanks to Zbynęk Svoboda. We wish you all a peaceful, joyful and creative 2010!