Tavik Frantisek Simon

A collection of 26
drawings of Ceylon

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1. Study for the oil-panting:
Stairways of Kandy Temple (Schodiště chrámu v Kandy), Ceylon. 18x14,5cm.

Signed in pencil and titled on the reverse.
3. Study for the oil-painting 'Temple of Kandy' and study of print: N498. AT THE BUDDHIST TEMPLE, 21x15,7cm
4. On the stairs of the Kandy Temple, 16,2x12,5cm

5. Selling Fruit, 15,5x21cm

6. At the entrance of the Kandy Temple, 13,7x16,3cm.

7. On the stairs of the Kandy Temple, 15,3x10,2cm.
8. At the market, 14,7x11cm
9. Kandy Temple, 20x20,3cm
10. Study for print: N491. SINGHALESE, CEYLON, 15,5x12,5cm.
11. Kandy temple, 20x17,5cm. Notes by the artist in pencil.
12. Ceylonese Women, 13,5x17cm.
13. Ceylonese Women, 13x14cm.
14. In the Temple, 12,7x10,3cm.
15. Ceylonese at a market, 12,2x8cm.
16. Two fugures sitting on the ground, 10,2x9,3cm.
17.  Woman with a basket, 29,5x18cm.
18. Ceylonese with a basket, 15x9,3cm.
19. Forest, 17,3x12,7cm. (in ink and pencil)
20. Two man in a tulband, 18,5x12,5cm.
21. Two woman, 10,5x12,2cm, monogrammed TFS.
22. Study for print N458 .PALM TREES, 16,5x12,5cm.
23. Tree, 17,6x12,3cm.
24. Landscape, 12,5x18cm.
This was drawn on the back of a piece of stationary that said "On Board S.S."
25. In the Forest, 16,5x12cm.
26. Ceylonese at an entrance, 12,8x10cm.