Imaginary Museum
Tavik František Šimon


Drawings - Selfportraits
Drawings - Method


View from a window.
Ink on paper. Dated '96
Signed F.S


Two girls. 
Water-colour. 1900.


Watercolour. Monogrammed FS and dated 1900.


Woman and man from Dubrovnik. May 3 1900. 
Pencil and watercolour. 16,5 x 12,5 cm.
Signed FS.
On a sheet with other drawings from Dubrovnik.


Pianist and Composer Paderewski (1901)
Drawing, pencil on paper, 21 x 22 cm. 
Signature: F.Šimon, 901, 30/11.
Ignaci Jan Paderewski (1860-1941).

Woman in a hat. (In a sketchbook, 1901). 7,5 x 7cm.


Venice, 1902
Drawing in pencil, 30x45cm


Cottages in Ault-Onival on the coast of Normandy (France).
In pencil. 17,5cm x 10,5cm.1903. 


Snowqueen. Water-colour. 18,5 x 27 cm. 1903

Portrait of Vilma Šimonova. 21x17cm.
Onival 17/8. 903 (Normandy)
Pencil/white chalk on paper. 

Portrait of Anna Tavikova (mother of the artist).1903.
Pencil/chalk on paper. Monogram FS. Dated '903.

J. Cinibulk (headmaster of Mšeno).
Signed F Simon. Pencil. Mšeno, 1903?



Ault-Onival on the coast of Normandy (France).
Watercolour in a sketchbook. 16,5x14,3cm.



At the Sea. 1904

Portrait of Vilma Šimonova
Pencil. Ca. 1904.

Woman in a hat.
Pencil-drawing in a sketchbook (1904). 11 x 10,5cm.

Woman in a chair 
 Signed FS, Praze.
Pencil.  Ca. 1905

Resting woman
30,5 x 23,5 cm. 
Pencil. Ca. 1905.

Resting Woman
Pencil 22 x 20 cm. Ca.1904/1905

Woman on a sofa,
Pencil on paper, Signed FS 1905


Woman on a sofa,
Pencil and watercolour, 21,5x31,5cm, monogram FS, ca. 1905.


Study of a Nude
Pencil on paper. ca. 1904.


Woman on a cafe terrace in Paris. 
In ink. 13cm x 4,5cm. Ca. 1905


Brugge, 1906
Drawing in pencil colour

The entrance of a church.
Mixed media. Signed  FS.1905.

Portrait of Vilma Šimonova.
Signed with monogram 
Pencil. Signed TFS 19/12/1908. Paris.

Eveningmood in the lagoon of Venice
Monogram FSWatercolour and pencil.
Study for print 1905 AP4.

London Bridge


Woman in a coat.
In pencil. Signed FS. 30 x 17cm. 1906

Professor Jaroslav Goll (1846-1929).
Ink. Written by the artist: Prof. Goll, Paris
Drawing for Novak 1906 AP1

Market of  Nice
Drawing in pencil, 21x13,5 cm, 1906.

Sada Yako "The three sisters"
Theatre Moderne (Paris)
F S 1908 8/2
Big image
Study for the oil-painting
Sada Yako
The intervieuw
Sketchbook 1908

Prazsky-Orloj. The Horologe of Prague.
On the background the Old Square and Tynn Church.
Signed with monogram TFS 1909. Pencil. 25 x 19 cm. 

Lagoon in Venice, Novak 79, first state. 
Detail. Etching and drawing. 180 x 240 mm. Dated 4/9-1908.

Oude zijds achterburgwal
(the oldest part of Amsterdam, Holland.)
Study for the print Novak 212.
colour-drawing on paper.
18 x 26,5 cm. Ca. 1909

Zaandam (Holland) 06/1909
Pencil. Monogram: FS. 
Dated: 06/1909
A Drawing by T F Šimon , showing the windmill called ‘Sint Willibrordus (also called Verdwaalde boer)’, situated at ‘Het Kalf” in Zaandam (Holland). On the background you can  see the windmill called ‘Oranjeboom’ and the two mills ‘Zwarte Kalf’and ‘Pinksternakel’.  The windmill St. Willibrordus was built in 1669 as an oil-windmill and since 1892 used as a peelingmill. In 1938 the windmill was broken up to its base.  The yard of the mill is nowadays situated on the terrain of the factory Gerkens-cacao.

View of Amsterdam
Mixed media. Monogram TFS, 1909

The river Moldau, Prague
Pencil on paper, 9/8/1909, Praha.

Vilma Simon, 19x16cm. Ink. 1909.



Hus Street in Prague. 
Signed with monogram TFS. Pencil. 22 x 16 cm. Ca.1910.

Portrait of Otokar Spaniel?
Watercolour and white paint, monogrammed TFS.
Study for Novak 118, 1910?
21,5 x 16,5cm.
big image

Paris. ca. 1910.

Pencil and watercolour. 12,5 x 20cm. 1910.

Šimon. Father of the artist. 
Pencil and white paint on paper.
Monogram TFS and dated 1910. "Podobizna meho Otce."
Also signed in pencil on the reverse T F
Šimon. 19 x 16,5 cm. 

Ink and pencil. 9,5 x 9,5 cm. Ca. 1910.

"On the beach"
Pencil in colour on paper. 28 x 18 cm. Signed  T F Šimon. Ca. 1910
Formely from the Waldes Museum, Prague. 

Mother and child.
Ink on paper. 18 x 19 cm. Ca. 1907-10. 

Nude Woman with a Branch.
Pencil on paper. 17 x 24,5 cm.

Portrait of Vilma, the artist's wife. 
Mixed-media. Ca. 1911.

Mixed media. Signed with monogram TFS 1910. 

Beach of Normadie
Drawing in ink. 31 x 21cm.
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Paris Bookstall. 
Signed with monogram TFS. Mixed media. Ca. 1910?

Fireworks in Paris. 

Paris/ Bookseller
Pencil. 12 x 9 cm. Ca. 1910.

Paris/ Vegetable market.
Pencil. 25 x 20 cm. Ca. 1910.


Soup-kitchen in Paris


Two man sitting on a bank, Paris
Colour pencil

Portrait of Vilma Šimon ova-Kracikova (the artist's wife).
Mixed-media on brown paper. 
Signed TFS, dated 1911. 21,3 x 18,5 cm.

Selfportrait. Mixed-media on grey paper. 
Signed TFS, dated 1911. 20 x 25 cm. 

Paris. Drawing in pencil and ink. Study for a print. Around 1912.

On reverse
'In the Luxemburg Garden' (Paris). 
Signed T F Šimon.
 Pencil and aquarel.13,5 x 15 cm. Ca. 1910

Paris/ Birdseller. 
Signed with monogram TFS. 20 x 15,5 cm.

Paris scenes.
Pencil. Ca. 1910.

Ovocny Trh (Vegetable market) in Prague. 
18 x 19 cm. Ca. 1910.
Study for the print "Ovocny Trh", "Vegetable Market, Prague." Novak 146/1911.

Mala Strana in snow, Prague. 
Study for the print Novak 195. .Monogram TFS. 1912

Breton Woman. Colour  Pencil. 11x 14 cm. 1911. 
Study  for the print Old Breton Woman , Novak 184/1913


Study sketch in pencil for the oil-painting 'View into my garden, Paris'
Titled in pencil Vue de ma fenętre, 19 x 19cm, circa 1912.


Vilma reading a book.

Amsterdam. Corner of Leidse- and  Heerengracht. 
Signed T F Šimon.
Pencil- and watercolour. 33 x 41 cm. Ca.1912.

Amsterdam. Marchands Juifs á Amsterdam.
Pencil- and watercolour. 28 x 31cm. Monogram TFŠ and dated 1912. big image

Street in Amsterdam.
Pencil- and watercolour. 42 x 33 cm. Signed in pencil T.F. Šimon. Stamp/ Monogram TFŠ. Circa 1912.
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(Corner of Madelievenstraat, Anjelierstraat  in Amsterdam, circa 1912,
on the blue sign is noted: kolen pakhuis - coal warehouse)

Madelievenstraat, Amsterdam circa 1920.
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Man in Amsterdam.
Drawing. 16x23cm. Signed T F Šimon, Amsterdam.


Drawing, pencil in color. Monogram TFŠ.


Probably Volendam in Holland.
Pencil in colour. 
Signed T F Šimon and monogrammed  TFS. 1909

Bechyne (Bohemia). Signed with monogram TFS 1913, 32,5 x 42,5cm.


On the coast of France. Signed with monogram TFS, 18,5 x 25,5cm. big image

Dogepalace in Venice (1907)
Drawing, colour pencil on paper.
Size: 25 x 20 cm. 
Monogram: FS 07

Bourse des Valeurs, Paris (1913).
Pencil, watercolor and gouache on paper. Size: 51x60cm.
Drawing for a print. N 187, 1912.
Novak noted the print in the catalogue Raisonné (1937) as N 187, 1912 (see picture below).

Puente Nuevo in Ronda. Architect of the bridge: Jose Martin de Aldehuela (1729-1802).
Signed with monogram and dated; Ronda TFS1913. 


Signed with monogram TFS, 1913

Ronda??, Spain. 
Signed with monogram TFS.
Pencil. 20 x 16 cm. 1913.

Monogram TFS. 1913

Tanger. 29 x 22cm. Monogram TFS. Pencil. 1913.


21 x 12,5 cm. Signed T F Šimon and titled Litomysl, 1914.


Drawing in pencil
Flower seller


Flower seller. Mixed media.
Signed TFS , dated 1915. 36,5 x 35cm

Amsterdam? 11 x 15,5 cm. 
Mixed media. Signed with monogram TFS, 1915.

"Mother and child"
 Signed T F Šimon. Pencil. Ca. 1915.

Resting woman,
Mixed media

Pencil. Ca. 1917.

Skating (Prague)

4 drawings

Pencil. 12 x 16,5cm. 1916


The Old Twon Square of Prague.
Drawing in ink. Monogram TFS.


The Old Town Square of prague.
25,5 x 20,5cm. Pencil. Ca. 1919?


Castle and Charles Bridge in Prague.
Pencil. Signed T F Šimon. Ca. 1919. 

Paris. Place de la Concorde.
 Dessin au crayon avec encre sur papier (détail). Ca.1920
Signed with monogram TFS,  38,5 x 32,5 cm.

Place de la Concorde, Paris. 
Signed T F Šimon. Pencil. 16 x 19 cm. Ca. 1920.

Plce de la Condorde, Paris. 32,5x38,5cm
Monogram TFS. Pencil and ink.



Suzan bathing. 
White crayon on black paper. 16,5 x 15 cm. 

Portrait of a woman
Drawing in ink. 1921.

Portrait of a Man.
Drawing in pencil. Monogram TFS. Study for N1921 AP4.

Popradske Pleso.
Drawing in pencil.
21 x 29,5cm. Ca.1922.


Drawing in pencil. 18,5 x 18cm. Monogram T.F.S


Quai aux Fleurs, Paris
Drawing in pencil. 24 x 22cm. Novak 371/1922

Narodni Divadlo (National Theatre) in winter, Prague 
Drawing in pencil and ink. Ca.30 x 40cm
Monogram in reverse TFS. Novak 393/1924

Pont Neuf, La Cité.
Drawing in pencil and ink. 32 x 46 cm.
Study for Novak 398, 1924. Click the picture to enlarge.


Paris.31 x 40cm. 
Signed with monogram TFS.


Drawing in pencil. 13,5 x 20 cm. 1925.

Market in Zvolen. Slovakia.
Drawing in pencil. Signed T F Šimon. 21 x 23,5 cm. 
Study for the print: Market in Zvolen, Slovakia. Novak 421/1925.

Pont Sully in winter, Paris. 
Drawing in pencil. 39 x 34cm.
Monogram in reverse TFS. Novak 442/1926.

Cathedral of Chartres
Mixed medium. 29,2x18,1cm.
To Mr W. Ganson Rose, 1926.


Voyage around the World

"Listy Cesty Kolem Sveta"
Drawing- design for the frontcover of the book. 1928.
Ink and pencil 24 x 17 cm.
Darrel C Karl collection

Brooklynbridge New-York.
Drawing. Published in Svetozor, 1927. 



Published in Svetozor, 1927. 

24x16cm. Study for the cover of the book

Street in Kioto. Kyoto/Japan.
Drawing in pencil. 1926. 
Article in Newspaper.*

Fuzi. Pencil.14 x 19cm

Japanese Wormen. 
Pencil. 20 x 14,5 cm.

Drawing in ink. 30 x 22cm.

Ceylon. Pencil. 17 x 11 cm. Ca. 1927

Deux Filles de Ceylon.
 Dessin au crayon sur papier.73 x 15,3 cm.
Signed with monogram TFS. 1927.

 Ink, pencil  and white paint.
17,7 x 24,4 cm.

Ink, pencil  and white paint.
17,4 x 23,4 cm

T.F. Šimon: "Ceylonese Woman". 
Ink on paper, 15 x 10 cm


1929, inkdrawing, 22,5 x 16 cm
Drawing -study- for print 489 (published on the cover of art-magazin Hollar-1 ,1929).

Hollar 1929


At the Buddhist Temple. Ceylon.
Drawing in pencil. 29,5 x 19,5 cm. 
Signed T F Šimon. 1929. 
Study for the print "At the Buddhist Temple" Novak 298/ 1929. 
Darrel C Karl collection

Woman and child.
Washed Indian-ink. Monogram TFS.

Pencil and black ink. 24x16,3cm.

More drawings from the trip around the world: Sveta



Fireworks in Paris. 1928. White crayon on black paper.

Studies for the book 'Stromy nad Zakopy' by R. Medek, 1931. Drawings in ink and white paint.



Drawing in ink.12 x 17cm.
Signed T F Šimon, Paris.

"Paris" On the reverse
Monogrammed TFS, and dated '31

The Wallenstein Palace in Prague.
 Pencil. 27 x 22 cm. Dated 1934. 

Portrait of the artist Kobliha, Prague. 
 Signed T F Šimon. 
Pencil. 50 x 40 cm. 1931.
Study for the print "Portrait of Frantisek Kobliha."
Novak 534/1931


Notre Dame in the Rain.
Signed T F Šimon and dated 1931.
Mixed media, 25 x 33cm


The original drawing in pencil is from 1936.
Novak 617, 1936.
View from the square onto the church in Slany.
The drawing was used as reproduction on a kalander of the year 1940.


Cathedral of Chartres