St. Eustache

Les Halles







On the bridge 'Pont des Arts' to the Louvre Museum


La Madeleine


Chagall (mural)



Pont Neuf

Château de Vincennes: the keep (donjon)

Château de Vincennes: la Sainte-Chapelle


Château de Vincennes: the walls and Sainte-Chapelle

Château de Vincennes: the northern walls and entrance-tower

Château de Vincennes: bridge over the dry channel to the northern entrance

Château de Vincennes: northern entrance, view into the court


The grave of Yolande Gigliotti, a female singer, famous under the name Dalida (+3 May 1987)

The opera: back


The opera: front


The opera: lanterns


The opera: a lady-lantern


The opera: a lantern with ships


The opera: detail with windows and ornaments


The opera: victory statue


The opera: dance of joy


The opera: statues that symbolize componists


The opera: Haydn


The opera: Bach


The opera: Cimarosa


The opera: Percolese (Pergolesi)


The opera: Apollo (?), god of music


The opera: Athena


Entrance of the Metrostation Place Saint-Jacques, behind the house/studio of
the artist T.F. Šimon , Rue Humboldt 25, nowadays Allée Verhaeren 1


Simon's house and atelier


The house left is the house/studio where the artist T. F. Šimon lived and worked from ca 1906 until 1914.
Formerly Rue Humboldt 25, after 1918 Rue Jean Dolent, nowadays Allée Verhaeren 1.
After the first world war the artist frequently came back to this house and travelled from Prague to Paris.
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