Polášek, Viktor (25. 2. 1911 Usov - 1989)
Polášek Viktor * 25.2.1911 Úsov (Česká republika) + 23.1.1989 Prague. This Czech artist studied painting, graphics, pedagogy.
He studied at the Škola uměleckých řemesel, Brno, under Petr Dillinger and until 1937 at the AVU under Jakub Obrovský,
T. F. Šimon and  František (Franz) Thiele.

Polášek, Viktor: "Construction of the Slapy dam".
Oil on canvas, 97 x 136 cm, framed, dated 1952, signed lower right.

The subject and conception of this painting is a good quality example of realism.
This painter, graphic artist and illustrator is known for his genre subjects and illustrations.