A Sketchbook from 1913/14 
by the Czech Artist T.F. Šimon (1877-1942)




The sketchbook has an 
old  mark from a Parisian shop
The sketchbook is signed by T.F. Šimon

We show you the sheets of a sketchbook by T.F. Šimon. 
The green cardboard cover is nothing special, but the contents are a real treasure!
The sheets measure  267 x 207 mm.  Only the 25 sheets that contain works of art are published on this page. 
Sometimes we show you only the drawing, sometimes the whole sheet. 
Some drawings are of particular interest for they were intented for known works of art. 
This sketchbook shows that T.F. Šimon was an excellent drawer.

Sheet1: "A woman carrying hat-boxes"


Sheet 2 (two drawings):  I. "Sailing boats in a harbour"; II. "Sailing boats in open water".


Sheet 3 (two drawings): I. "A view of a lake"; II. "Fishing-boats"


Sheet 4 (2 drawings): I. "Windmill"; II. Design for 'the fly-leaf for my own book' 'etching 2 colours'.


Sheet 5 (5 drawings and 1914): designes for a new-year`s card for 1914


Sheet 6: a design for the exlibris for Karel Jaroslav Obratil


Sheet 7: "Marché vendredi Rouen" (Friday market in Rouen)


Sheet 8: "Entrance of a building with women"


Sheet 9: "Vilma reading a book. 1"


Sheet 10: "Vilma reading a book. 2"



Sheet 11: "Vilma reading a book. 3"


Sheet 12: "Vilma reading a book. 4"


Sheet 13: "Vilma reading a book. 5"


Sheet 14: study 1 for the famous painting "St Nicholas Market in Prague"


Sheet 15: study 2 for the famous painting "St Nicholas Market in Prague"


Sheet 16: "Arab with mechandise"


Sheet 17 (2 drawings): I. "A tree at the bank of a river"; II. "A frame with nothing in it"


Sheet 18 (2 drawings): I. "At the beach.1"; II. "At the beach.2"


Sheet 19: "At the beach.3"


Sheet 20 (2 drawings):
I. "At the beach.4"; II. "At the beach.4"


Sheet 21: study for the "Birth-card" of the artist's son Ivan Šimon



Sheet 22 (2 drawings): I. "Tree with a reading lady"; II. "Tree with birds in it"


Sheet 23: "Cirque Henry in Prague" (Cirque Henry v Praze)


Sheet 24 (4 drawings): I. "Bridge in a mountainous landscape"; II. "Old lime tree";
III. "The chalk-coast at Etretat in Normandy"; IV. "Rocks in the sea.1"


Sheet 25 (3 drawings): I. "Rocks in the sea.2"; II Rocks in the sea.3"; III. "Damrak in Amsterdam"




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