A Sketchbook from 1915-1918 
by the Czech Artist T.F. Šimon (1877-1942)



The sketchbook is signed by T.F. Šimon

We show you the sheets of a sketchbook by T.F. Šimon with 48 sheets,
with a grey cardboard cover. The artist used it in 1915 and 1918.
The sheets measure ± 21 x 21 cm.  
Only the sheets that have works of art are published on this page. 
Sometimes we show you only the drawing, sometimes the whole sheet. 
Some drawings are of particular interest for they were intended for known works of art. 
This sketchbook shows that T.F. Šimon was an excellent drawer. 
The portraits of his children are really charming.
Only great artists like Tavik Frantisek Šimon have the gift for picturing children like they are.

Sheet1 (two drawings): "Ivan". In reverse the signature TF Šimon shows through.
(Ivan Šimon is the second son of the artist and his wife Vilma)


Sheet 2:  "Ivan looking at a book". Dated 29/1 1915. 

Sheet 3: "Eva sitting in a Chair". Dated 29/1 1915. 
Eva Šimon is the daughter of the artist and his wife Vilma.


Sheet 48/reverse: "Eva reading a Book". 
This charming drawing is on the last page of the sketchbook and also made in 1915. 


Sheet 5: "Arrival of President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk". 
Signed TFS and dated 21-12-1918. This drawing is used for Novak 301.

Sheet 6: "Arrival of President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk", study.


Sheet 6/reverse: some sketches.

Sheet 7: "Welcoming of President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk". 
This drawing is used for Novak 302.


Sheet 8: some sketches of cavelry-men.

Sheet 8/reverse: "The Guard"..


Sheet 9: "Three cavalry-men".


Sheet 10: "Two women and a man in costume"


Sheet 10/reverse: "Study of a woman and a man in costume and a head"


Sheet 11: "A cottage behind a gate"

Sheet 11/reverse: "Two dancing couples"


Sheet 12: "Two men in a hat and a woman in costume"

Sheet 12/reverse: "Two types".


Sheet 13: "Musicians".


Sheet 14: "Two types"


Sheet 14/reverse: "Two men in costume".


Sheet 15: "Audience in a theatre".


Sheet 16: "In a Theatre"


Sheet 17: "Three men of the audience".


Sheet 17/reverse: "Musicians in an orchestra-pit".

Sheet 18: "Study of a woman".

Sheet 19: "Types".

Sheet 20: "Types".


Sheet 21: "Audience".

Sheet 22: 'In the loge".

Sheet 23: "Audience in a theatre".

Sheet 23/reverse: "Three types from the audience".

Sheet 24: "Audience on a balcony".






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