A Sketchbook from 1901/1902
by the Czech Artist T.F.
imon (1877-1942)


Ignaci Jan Paderewski (1869-1941) 
Signed F. imon
and dated 901 20/11

Pianist and Composer
Ignaci Jan Paderewski (Kurilowka/Poland 1869-New York 1941)



Signed FS and dated 1902
Variant of Novak 2/Choosen Death/1899

Signed F and dated 901 25/11

Portraits of Hugo Boettinger (left), ? and T F  imon

Photo: Hugo Boettinger, ? and T F  imon


Portraits of  imon's father Antonin imon and his mother Anna Tavik

Dated 13/1 1902

Dated 21/1 902


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