Tavik Franti
Šek Šimon (1877-1942)


"Voyage around the World"


This copy of the book was a gift to the artist Max Svabinsky,
signed by the artist and dated Christmas, 1928.


'Letters from a voyage around the World'.
With reproductions of the artist's drawings.
Translated and edited by David Pearson.
 Melbourne 2014.

Prager Presse, 14-04-1929
Von Arthur Novak



"Voyage around the World"

"Listy Cesty Kolem Sveta"
Drawing- design for the front cover of the book. 1928.
Ink and pencil 24 x 17 cm.


Departure from Europe, ink, 157x244mm

Arrival at New York, ink, 156x221mm



Published in Svetozor, 1927. 


Construction of (8. Avenue) Subway New York City. (Sept./Oct. 1926)
Pencil, 195x220mm. In pencil 8. Avenue Stavba Subway N.Y.

Detroit, ink,149x231mm

ink, 143x198mm

Pittsburg, ink, 149x215mm

ink and white paint, 132x215mm


Portrait of George Ficke. Drawing in pencil. Signed and dated 13/11 '26.
SS, Finland (the artist met George on the boat to San Francisco).
Wtitten in pencil high probably by the son of George Ficke:
For my friend Jodi
George, September, 1986
With thanks to Darrel C. Karl.

Canal of Panama, ink and white paint, 148x228mm

Departure from San Francisco, 139x236mm

Native women, watercolour, 243x158mm

Near Hawaii, ink, 157x220mm

Hawaii, pencil

Palms, ink and white paint, 189x125mm

Honolulu, ink and white paint, 129x212mm

Sunrise, ink and white-paint, 158x226mm

Musician on the ship Tanyo Maru pencil drawing (c. November26 - December 13, 1926);
This musician is discussed in "Listy Cesty Kolem Sveta".
Pencil-150x170mm. Signed T F Šimon. 

Sketches from the Orient, 1930, 263x195mm

Sketch from the Orient

Arrival in Yokohama, 156x225mm

pencil, 290x190mm

Sunset, pencil, 177x140mm

ink, 172x248mm

(colour) crayon, 212x150mm

Pencil study for the book "LIsty Cesty Kolem Sveta" (c. 1928); appears to be an early version of the ink drawing
"Arrival in Yokohama".

Study of Mount Fuji pencil drawing (c. December 1926).

Study of Mount Fuji. Pencil drawing.

Fuzi. Pencil.14 x 19cm.

Fuzi, pencil

pencil, 29x190mm.

Monk, ink and white paint, 14x105mm

Bonzaitrees, ink and white paint, 134x210mm

Pencil and black ink, 240x163mm

Cobras, ink and white-paint, 115x176mm

Mother and child, ink, 128x83mm

Woman and child.
Washed Indian-ink. Monogram TFS.


Japanese Man's face, 
ink and white paint, 242x167mm

Japanese man's face. Dec. 1926
Ink. 298x219mm, related to the drawing on the cover of
the album (1930), paper bears an
embossed cicular Schoellershammer seal.

Japanese man's face
related to the drawing on the cover of
Voyage around the World (1930).
In pencil, 180x180mm, signed T F Simon.

Study for the cover of the book. 240x160mm

Portrait of a Japanese man , ink and aquarel, 144x112mm,1930

Chinese Lanterns, ink,138x120mm

Drawing in pencil

Drawing in pencil
Click on the picture to enlarge

Impressions from Tokyo, ink and white paint, 160x220mm

Commercial Street in Kyoto (Dec. 1926)
Drawing in pencil, 275x200mm, in pencil on verso 'Z Kioto' (from Kyoto).
Related to the Commercial street in Kyoto,etching,
A street in Kyoto in the rain, etching,
the impressions from Tokyo drawing, and related paintings.


 Imperial Palace Kyoto. (Dec. 1926)
Pencil, 165x140mm. In pencil 'Imperial Palac Kioto'. enlarge


View Mount Fuji. (Dec. 1926-Jan.1927).
Pencil, 110x80mm.


Lake near Kyoto. (Dec. 1926)
Pencil, 125x195mm. In ink 'Kioto a marru v Japnsku'

Commercial Street in Kyoto. (Dec. 1926)
Drawing in pencil, 155x130mm, monogram TFS.
Study for Novak 479
Published in the book T F Simon Listy z Cesty Kolem Sveta, 1928.


Street in Kioto. Kyoto/Japan.
Drawing in pencil. 1926. 
Article in Newspaper.*

Japanese from Nara with Parasol. (Dec. 1926 - Jan. 1927)
Drawing in pencil, 205x147mm. enlarge

(Nara: city south of Japan on the Island Honshu).

Compare the drawing above and below with the oil-painting.
(no big image available).

Published in Prager Presse 1928.

Japanese woman pencil drawing (c. December 1926).
Study for the painting "Japanese Woman from Nara".

Drawing in pencil. Japanese watercarrier. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Japanese Woman. (Dec. 1927-Jan. 1927) enlarge
Pencil, 165x140mm. Study for Novak 469

Japanese Wormen. Pencil, 200 x 145 mm.

Shop in Gifu, Japan. (Dec 1926-Jan.1927)
165x140mm. In pencil 'Gifu,  Lanterne de ville'
(compare with 'Japanese lanterns' 512).

Hongkong, ink, 174x231mm


Man from Singapore. (Jan.1927)
165x140mm. In pencil Singapore.

Chinese ricksaw, Shanghai. (Jan. 1927)
Pencil, 210x135mm. In pencil Sanghai and sigend T F Simon.

Shanghai, ink and white paint, 153x225mm

Singapure debate, ink, 138x213mm

Women of Penang pencil drawing (c. January 23,1927).

Woman and Child pencil drawing (c. Jan. - Feb. 1927).

Penang, ink and white paint, 155x228mm

 Ink, pencil  and white paint, 177x244mm.

Ink, pencil and white paint,174x234mm.

Published in "Dva Listy Z Ceylonu"
(Two letters from Ceylon", Hollar Quarterly 1927.
Ink, monogrammed TFS, 181x113mm.

Two Studies for the above mentioned publication.

Beach, ink, 144x197mm

Ceylon, ink, 154x236mm

4 sketch-drawings in pencil.
The first impressions for print:
Novak 490

Sunset, Ceylon

Ceylonese woman, ink, 188x156mm

Ceylonese girl, ink and white paint, 211x160mm

Ceylonese girl.
Drawing in ink, 187x143mm.
In pencil Ceylonska zena, in ink monogram TFS.
Published in the book: Novorocenka 1930.

T.F. Šimon: "Ceylonese Woman". 
Ink on paper, 15 x 10 cm

Colour offset-lithograph

At the Buddhist Temple. Ceylon.
Drawing in pencil. 28,5 x 20 cm. 
Signed T F Šimon. 1929. 
Study for the print "At the Buddhist Temple" Novak 498/ 1929. 

At the Buddhist Temple. Ceylon.
Drawing in pencil. 22 x 16 cm. 
Signed T F Šimon.
In pencil noted in Czech by the artist:
Study for the colour print - Indian girls.
(Novak 531/ 1931).

At the Budhist Temple - woman with basket - Ceylon.
Drawing in pencil. Signed T F Simon

Four figures ink and pencil drawing, monogrammed TFS.
(Japanese Woman, Chinese Man, Ceylonese Man and Woman) (c. 1928).

Ceylon?, pencil

Ceylon?, pencil


Ceylon. Pencil. 17 x 11 cm. Ca. 1927

Deux Filles de Ceylon.
 Dessin au crayon sur papier.73 x 15,3 cm.
Signed with monogram TFS. 1927.

Palmforest, ink

Quitar, ink, 136x210mm

Portrait of a man, ink and white paint

Basket with Fruit ink drawing (c. Nov. - Dec. 1926);
study for a similar drawing in "Listy Cesty Kolem Sveta"

Aden, ink and white paint, 147x216mm

Temple of Sounion in Greece, ink and white paint, 147x230mm

Click here for more Drawings of the World-trip 1926/27

Click here for more Drawings of Ceylon 1927

Hollar-Quarterly 1927 issue 1-2-3


Das Merkbuch der Reise / The Notebook of the Voyage



The Notebook that T .F. Šimon took with him on his voyage around the world. The artist left Prague on August 30, 1926 for Paris and started with this announcement in the notebook. After  December 31 he started with January 1 1927 in the same book and changed the days of the week. Sunday February 27, 1927 he was back on the European continent in Marseille (France).
In Bohemia every day is also a name day, for example September 16 is the day of Holy Ludmila; therefore you see so many names in this Czech book.
Some Czech: Pondelí (Monday), Úterý (Tuesday), Streda (Wednesday), Ctvrtek (Thursday),  Pátek (Friday), Sobota (Saturday), Neděle (Sunday). 
Leden (January), Unor (February), Brezen (March), Duben (April), Kveten (May), Cerven (June), Cervenec (July), Srpen (August), Zari (September), Rijen (October), Listopad (November), Prosinec (December).
Pan (Sir), Pani (Lady), Vecer (Evening), Odjezd (Departure), Barevný (Coloured), Cerný (Black), Lept (Etching), Výstava (Exhibition), Brana (Gate)
Monday August 30, 1926----Departure from Prague
Tuesday August 31-----------Paris
Saturday September 4--------Departure from Paris to Cherbourg, at 4 o'clock departure with the ship Aquitania
Friday September 10---------At 3 o'clock in the evening arrival in New York after a voyage from almost 6 ˝ days. 
The artist stays in Hotel Pennsylvania until October 10.
Sunday October 10-----------In the evening to Cleveland until October 15
Friday October 15------------Buffalo
Saturday October 16----------Detroit until Tuesday 19
Sunday October 17-----------Visit to his brother Antonie in Detroit
Tuesday October 19----------Departure to Chicago, where he stays until October 26 in Hotel Blackstone
Tuesday October 26----------Pittsburgh until October 28
Thursday October 28---------New York until November 4 in Hotel Pennsylvania
Thursday November 4--------Departure at 4 o'clock with the ship Finland (Pan Pacific Line) to San Francisco
Tuesday November 9---------Visit to Havana on Cuba
Thursday November 11-------The ship passes through the Panama Canal
Friday November 12----------The Pacific
Friday November 19----------Arrival at San Francisco 
Friday November 26----------At 12.30 o'clock departure from S F with the ship Tanjo Maru
Thursday December 2---------Honolulu (Hawaii) until December 4
Monday December 13--------Arrival in the port of Yokohama at 9 o'clock. Then to Tokyo (Hotel Imperial)
Monday December 27--------To Kyoto at 9,30
Friday December 31----------New-Year`s eve in Tokyo
Saturday January 1, 1927-----New Year 
Monday January 3------------Departure from Yokohama to Kobe by ship at 11 o'clock
Tuesday January 4------------Arrival in Kobe at 11,30 o'clock
Thursday January 6-----------To Moii at 11
Friday January 7--------------Arrival in Moii at 7 o'clock in the morning
Saturday January 8------------Departure from Moii at 12 o'clock in the afternoon
Monday January 10-----------Shanghai
Tuesday January 11-----------Departure from Shanghai
Thursday January 13----------Formosa
Friday January 14------------ Hong Kong
Saturday January 15----------Departure from Hong Kong
Wednesday January 19-------Singapore
Friday January 21-------------Departure from Singapore at 11 o'clock
Sunday January 23------------Penang
Thursday January 27----------Colombo (Ceylon); Bristol Hotel
Saturday January 29-----------Kandy by car
Monday February 1-----------Anuradhapura
Thursday February 3----------Colombo by train
Friday February 11------------12.30 At night departure from Colombo
Wednesday February 16-------The Isle of Socotra
Thursday February 17----------Aden in the morning; in the evening departure for the Red Sea
Monday February 21-----------Suez Canal at 6 o'clock
Tuesday February 22-----------Port Said
Wednesday February 23-------Along Crete
Friday February 25-------------Evening in Messina
Saturday February 26----------Corsica
Sunday February 27------------Marseille



Tavik František Šimon in Ceylon
C. Bentinck, 2017. A private publication.
Drawings, prints and paintings of Simon's stay in Ceylon
Hardcover, 29.7 x 21 cm, 170grs high quaility coated paper, 123 pages.

Price: 60 Euro
Order via:


Some photographs of Simon's Journey
Special thanks to Mr. D.C. Karl

Click on the image to enlarge

Shiba, Tokyo



Ritsurin Park





Císařskýpalac Tokio" [Imperial Palace, Tokyo]



T F Simon (in a hat) on the way to the entrance of a building

People on a steamship (likely the Suwa Maru)

Compare this image with the oil painting
"Stairways of Kandy Temple, Ceylon"