From 8-10 October 2007 in Nové Město nad Metují (Neustadt an der Mettau) in Bohemia were shots for the Czech film "Peníze" (=Money) after a book by Karel Čapek. 

On this page you find some impressions. Just to show you the unique charm and beauty of the town and the amiability of the actress Gabriela Marcinková.

The director of the film is the Nestor of the Czech directors, Ji
ři Krejčik (*1918). Cameraman is Jiři Macháně.

The leading part is played by the charming Slovak actress Gabriela Marcinková. This young woman (ca 20 years young) has charisma, is good-looking, sincere, intelligent, sweet-voiced. All qualities to make her a great film star. It is wonderful and fascinating to watch her. Her audience will adore her. 

The town is a fantastic location to film. The renaissance houses with their arcades make a perfect decor.

It was a great honour to look at the shots and to have the opportunity to stand behind the great
Jiři Krejčik and to make some pictures.



For more photo impressions of Nové Město nad Metují: /nove-mesto-nad-metuji.htm





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