Imaginary Museum


Paintings by T.F. Šimon 


Street in New York by Night, Oil on canvas, 103x65cm, 1927.
Signed T.F. Simon. Published in magazine Pestrý Týden 1928.


"New York by Night", oil on canvas, 93 x 75 cm, 1927.
   Signed T F Šimon, dated 1927.


Portrait T F Šimon
ca. 1927 (photo).

 New York. Oil on canvas,
published in magazine Pestrý Týden 1928

"New York by Night", oil on cardboard, 27x 22,5cm, Signed  T.F.Šimon, ca. 1927.

In Japan.



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"Kyoto in winter", 1928-1930, oil on canvas, 95 x 95 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.
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"Woman with umbrella in Kyoto in winter"
Oil on panel, 42 x 33cm, circa 1928, signed T.F.Šimon.
Courtesy of  D.C. Karl.

"Street in Tokyo", oil-painting.
 See Article in Newspaper*

Ceylon, oil on carton, 27 x 22cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.


Tropical Woods, oil-painting, 91,5x72cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Japanese woman from Nara"
  Published in Der Bilderbeilage, 
Prager Presse, '28

 "Birdseller in Shanghai"
Published in Der Bilderbeilage,
Prager Presse, '28

"Japanese Women".

"Buddhist temple in Tokyo",
oil on canvas, 85 x 70 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.


  "Japanese in kimono",
oil on canvas, 65 x 48 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.


 "Prodavacka betelu v Colombu"(1927).
      Oil on canvas, 98,5 x 84 cm.Signature: T.F.Šimon.
      Rev.: T.F.Šimon, Prodvackabetelu v Colombu.
     Published in JAS, roddinny obrazkovy tydenik, 1928/3.


"Japanese woman and child"
Drawing, washed indian ink and pencil.
Size: 16 x 12 cm.
Monogram TFS. Ca.1929.

"Two Japanese women"
       Oil on canvas.
       55,5 x 46,5 cm.
       Not signed. Ca. 1930

"Evening on the coast of Ceylon"
Published in Der Bilderbeilage,
 Prager Presse, 22 jan.1928. 

"In the shade of a shop", oil on canvas, 93 x 73,5 cm
Signed T.F.Šimon. Ca. 1930.

"V Budhistickem chramem Candy-Ceylon"
"Buddhist-Temple in Candy."
Oil on canvas.
Published in JAS, 
roddinny obrazkovy tydenik, 1928/3.

"At a Buddhist Temple"
Oil on Sololit, 27x22,5cm.
Signed T F Simon.
Courtesy of  D.C. Karl.


"Singhalske Zeny v Colombu"
"Singalese women from Colombo"
Published in JAS,  rod.obrazk. tydenik, 1928/3.

"Stairways of Kandy Temple, Ceylon",
oil on canvas, 100 x 86 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Entrance to the Buddhist-Temple in Candy" 
Published in Der Bilderbeilage,  
Prager Presse, 22 Jan.1928.


"Three Women at the Temple of Candy, Ceylon.
Oil on canvas,100 x 73,5 cm, ca 1928. 
Signed T F Šimon.

Ceylon. In a Street.
   Oil on canvas, 54 x 47 cm.
   Signature: T.F.Šimon.


"In front of a Buddhist temple"
Oil on canvas, 100 x 85 cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Two Girls with Fruit" (Ceylon). Oil on canvas, 85x70cm.
Signed T.F.Simon 1930.


"Interieur of a Buddhist Temple". Oil on cardboard, 28x23cm.


"At the Temple of Candy, Ceylon". Oil on canvas.
Signed T F Simon 1928? or 29?


Die Bilderbeilage der Prager Presse, Jan.1928.


"Mont Fuji" (Japan), oil on wood, 48 x 66cm.
 Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Orient". Oil on canvas, 65,5 x 80cm.
 Signed T.F.Šimon.


"V Morske Uzine" (1928)
Oil on canvas

"Çanal of Panama"
Oil on canvas, 60 x 73cm.
Signed T.F. Simon


Oil on canvas, 57 x 96.5cm
Signed T F Simon


"Harbour of Marseille", oil on canvas, 48 x 65 cm, 1929. Signed T.F.Šimon.
Exhibition: Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, Prague, 1938

"Bechyne" (South Bohemia), oil on canvas, 46,5 x 55 cm, ca. 1930.
Signed T.F.Šimon.

"Self portrait", oil on canvas, ca.50 x 70 cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.
Museum of Zeleznice (near Jicin).

"Florence", oil on canvas, 73,5 x 92 cm. 1930.
Signed T.F.Šimon, dated 1930.
On the reverse: T.F.Šimon, from Florence, Italy.
Published in Hollar, 1931.

"Florence, in the Boboli Gardens" (Giardino di Boboli)
Oil on canvas, 65x92cm.
Signed T.F.Šimon. 1930


"Portrait of Dr. M. Štefánik." 
Oil on canvas.130 x 95cm.
Exhibition: Prague, Society  Hollar, 
"T.F. Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

"Portrait of Ivan Šimon" 
(Son of the artist).
Ca. 1932

"Portrait of Pavel and Ivan" (Sons of the artist), oil on canvas, 110 x 85 cm, 1933. 
Signed T F Šimon, dated 1933. 
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

"Sailboats", oil on canvas, 36 x 35 cm.
Not signed

The artist at work. (photo)


"Sunny Beach at Fécamp", oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm, 1934.
Signed T.F.Šimon. Reverse: T.F.Šimon, 1934.

The young man you see on the right is the artist's son Ivan.
Beach at Fécamp. ca. 1934.


"Chalk Cliffs at Normandy",
oil on canvas, 81,5 x 100 cm, 1934.
Signed T.F.Šimon. Reverse: T.F.Šimon, 1934.

"Coast of Normandy"
Oil on canvas.
Signed  T.F.Šimon

"Coast of Normandy"
Oil on canvas, 54,5x65,5cm.
Signed  T.F.Šimon


"Pont Caroussel in Paris", oil on cardboard, 29,5x37,5cm. Signed T.F.Šimon.


"Bathing girls", oil on cardboard, 35,5 x 57cm. Signed T.F. Simon.


"On a sailboat", oil on canvas, 85 x 101 cm.
Not signed.

"Girls on the Dalmatian coast", oil on canvas, 80x110cm.
Signed T F Simon and on reverse T F Simon, 1936.


"View of Rab", oil on canvas,
73 x 92cm, 1935.
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar,
 "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938",
 Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

"Rab", oil on canvas, 55 x 46cm.
Salon June 10, 1937  Part 1


"Rab" (Dalmatia), oil on canvas. Signed T. F. Šimon.
Salon June 10, 1937 Part 2


"The small Harbour of Rab", oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, 1935. Signed T.F.Šimon..
On reverse: T. F. Šimon, Maly pristav na Rabu, 1935.


"Portrait of Pavel Šimon" (son of the artist), oil on canvas, 65 x 92 cm, 1936.
Signed T.F.Šimon, dated 1936
Exhibition: Prague, Society Hollar, "T.F.Šimon 1900-1938", Pavilion Myslbek, 1938.

"A Village in the Southof France",
oil on canvas, 66 x 54,5 cm. 
   Signed: T.F.Šimon.

"Greek Statue" 
Oil on canvas
101 x 80,6 cm 
Signed T.F.Šimon,1938.

"Stillife with melone"
Signed T F Šimon


"Pod Dubem"
"Woman resting under an oak"

"Prague Castle and Charles Bridge"
Oil on canvas, 80 x 121 cm.
Signature: T. F..Šimon. 
Reverse: T.F.Šimon, 1938.

"Zeleznice" (Town of birth T F Šimon)
Oil on canvas
 Signature: T.F.Šimon
   Museum of Zeleznice.


"Landscape" near Jicin.
Oil on canvas.
Museum of Zeleznice.

"Akropolis-Athens" (1938).
Oil on canvas, 72 x 99,5 cm.
Signature: T.F.Šimon, 1938.


Oil on canvas, appro. 100x120cm.
Signature T.F.Šimon, ca. 1942.


Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm.
Signed T.F. Simon, ca. 1942.


Potrait of T.F. Šimon  by the Czech artist Negleba.
Oil on canvas.