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Catalogue Raisonné & Biographical Sketch

C. Bentinck, March 2015. A private publication 
For the first time the Catalogue Raisonné of the graphic work of the Czech artist Tavik František Šimon is published in a revised English version in book form with all the pictures (740) in colour.

This indispensable book (in English) is fully illustrated.
Biography (24 pages).
Catalogue Raisonné in English and Czech in one book!
Catalogue of Ex Libris.
Pictures of ALL THE PRINTS in Miniatures (circa 740 x in colour, 3.5 x 5cm).
Big images in colour of examples of Simon's Oil paintings (12x).
Big images of selected 60 Prints.
Three translated Letters.
Chronology of Exhibitions and the Bibliography.
Hardcover in colour, 29.7 x 21 cm, 170grs high quality coated paper, 212 pages.

70 Euro (+ shipping)
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Some examples of good reviews from buyers of the book all over the World:

-It is as wonderful as I expected. Absolutely professional. I am surprised by the quality of printed images - even those small ones are clear and sharp. And the paper is exclusive... It is a gem.  Thank you very much, you did a great work with a great value. I am happy to have it. (Czech Republic).

-Many thanks for the book, it is excellent! (United Kingdom).

-I knew I was going to like it and find it a handy reference tool. I was blown away when I saw it was a large hardcover book with thick glossy pages, copious color illustrations, and a highly professional layout design. It's one of the best catalogue raisonnees I've ever bought. (USA).

-It is beautiful! The pictures look amazing! (Australia).

-The book arrived packed like a precious object, it was revealed by unwrapping layers to be shining on the table like a gem. And when the gem was exposed it was clearly unburied treasure! When we looked inside the marvels were truly beautiful, an astounding artifact of astonishingly beautiful things. I know what cost and trouble that was for you by the printers etc, dear Catharine, and our eyes simply couldn't believe what we saw because the book is so beautifully done, so artistic a way of presenting the subject of art! You have bestowed an honour on Simon's name and spirit. Bravo a hundred times for what you have achieved. (United Kingdom)

  Society (S.V.U.) Manes. Fr. Šimon v Praze.
Catalogue of the exhibition in Manes pavilion - Kinsky Garden. Prague1905/06.


Poster for the exhibition,
Society (S.V.U.) Manes, Kinsky Garden. Prague1905/06.
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Chicago around 1910.
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Jan Štenc (Štencova Grafického Kabinetu, Ročenka 1917).
List with 77 titles of prints + 3 albums
of  T.F. Šimon.
Jan Štenc (Štencova Grafického Kabinetu, Ročenka 1918).
List with 85 prints
+ 1 album of T.F. Šimon.
Jan Štenc (Štencova Grafického Kabinetu, Ročenka 1919).
List with 117 titles of prints of
T.F. Šimon. (design of the book by Method Kalab).
    Arthur Novak. T.F.Šimon, Exlibris a Novoročenky (Exlibris and New Year's Greetings). Prague 1918.

Translation of the announcement in the book:
Ex Libris And New Year's Cards
The author's selection of 12 of graphic works from the years 1910 to 1917.
Includes 8 bookplates made ​​by etching and four New Year's cards, one 
of which is a colored etching and 3 original wood engravings, among them one hand-colored.
All etchings manually printed by the artist at his own press and each sheet signed.
The release is restricted to 65 units numbered in the title, namely:
15 printed on the right on old Japanese paper in the format 260:205 mm 
mounted to the portfolio parchment for K 120; 50 printed on Japanese 
paper in the format 240:180 mm in the portfolio for K 70.
For customers who subscribe by 14 February 1918, reducing those prices to K 100 and K 60.
War surcharge will be calculated yet.
Work will be released on the 31st of January 1918.
Arthur I. Novák in Prague I., Havelská 17
Zlata Praha. 1919.
T.F. Šimon. Přiručka umęlce-grafika. Prague 1921. (Handbook of Artist-Etcher).
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Pavilion 'Ales', Brno (Czechia). Exhibition together with the Czech artist J.C. Vondrous.  'Club des Artistes peintres et Sculpteurs'.

Catalogue of the exhibition by the "Hollar"Society of  Czech Graphic Art in Barnemouth.1928.
      Kennedy & Company announces the publication of four New Etchings. March, 1928.
V˙stava Graficky ˙ch dĕl  T.F. Šimona A Medalie J. Šejnosta. Turnov 1928.
Exhibition catalogue of Graphics by T.F. Šimon and Medallions by J. Šejnost.
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Prague 1928.
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(source: A.Matĕjček. T.F.
Šimon 1938).
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Essay: Štefánik in search for Gauguin's traces on Tahiti, published in Hollar XIII/1937, s.1.
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Exhibition of paintings and graphics in Kinsky Palace (Staromĕstské Námĕstí).
Prague Mai 31- July 3, 1994.
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  Gaďte Duguat et Pierre Sancher. Dictionaire des Graveurs, Illustrateurs et Affiches francais et Etrangers (1653-1950), Paris. T.F. Šimon is listed in this dictionary. You can find the names of the Salons where Šimon 's artworks were exhibited (1905-1929), included the titles of the artworks, techniquesand dimensions.
Anna Grossová. Státní Galerie ve Zlínĕ. Exhibition catalogue. Zlin (Czechia) 2001.
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Marilyn Symmes. Impressions of New York. Prints from the New-York Historical Society. Published in celebration of the Society's 200th Anniversary. New York 2005. The selection of prints in this book ( T.F. Šimon: New York Stock Exchange N463 and Brooklyn Bridge N460), assembled by curator Marilyn Symmes, documents the city from its earliest times, when only clusters of low-rise buildings hugged the horizon, to the present, when a multitude of sky-scrapers crowd the skyline. Front-image: The Great East River Suspension Bridge (1885) - colour lithograph by the artists N. Currier (1813-1895) and J.M. Ives (1924-1895).
Cover of the art magazine 'Antiques' showing a detail of the colour-softground-etching "Brooklyn Bridge" from 1927 by Tavik František Šimon. January 2005.
Geoffrey B. Jackson and Yoram Meroz. The Print Connoisseur - Complete Index, 1920-1932. Alan Wofsy Fine Arts. San Francisco January 2006.
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Cyrus R.K. Patell and Bryan Waterman. The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of New York.
Cambridge University Press, 2010. The cover of the book shows a detail of the colour-softground-etching "Brooklyn Bridge" from 1927 by Tavik František Šimon.


Zarka Vujic. The Ullrich Salon on its Centennial. Zagreb 2011.

Markéta Hánová. Japonisme in Czech Art. National Gallery, Prague 2014.
'Letters from a voyage around the World'.
Original title: Listy z Cesty Kolem Světa
Published by J. Otto, Prague 1928.

Translated and edited by David Pearson.
Melbourne 2014.

In the footsteps of Tavik Frantisek Simon
Info: www.cdk.cz/kontexty/2014/5
With thanks to Zdeněk Granát.
Translation by: Petra Schürova
Via this website: Contact/ info

PDF: https://issuu.com/barristerprincipal/docs/tavik_simon/1

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of the same name, on view at the Georgia Museum of Art Sept. 17 – Dec. 11, 2016. It includes essays by curator of American art Sarah Kate Gillespie on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge as a symbol of modernity and on photography of the bridge, by Janice Simon on images of the bridge in the popular press, by Meredith Ward on John Marin's renderings of the bridge and by Kimberly Orcutt on Joseph Stella's paintings of the structure. All images in the exhibition are reproduced full page in full-color and many supplementary images flesh out the discussions.
Publication of N 460 - Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Page 125.



Tavik František Šimon in Ceylon
C. Bentinck, 2017. A private publication.
Drawings, prints and paintings of Simon's stay in Ceylon
Hardcover, 29.7 x 21 cm, 170grs high quaility coated paper,
123 pages.


Tavik František Šimon - Portraits

Self-portraits and portraits of the artist's family.
C. Bentinck 2018. A private publication.

Hardcover, 29.7 x 21 cm, 200grs high quaility coated paper, 188 pages.


Gallery -Publisher Jan Stenc, Ferdinandova 19 Prague. PF 1916.
(1st Jan Stenc, 3rd T F Simon). Reproduction. Original drawing by HB - Hugo Boettinger (man in the center).